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The first and only dating site in Australia, New Zealand, the US and UK dedicated to Tradies & Servicepersons & Those Who Love Them

'Tradies' - noun (plural) - [pr: treyd - eez] - 1.) a slang term of mainly Australian origin given to skilled tradespeople, including electricians, construction workers, painters, tilers, mechanics, carpenters; 2.) an emerging sub-group of traditionally male tradespeople who are highly sought after in the international dating scene.

Tradies are:
Air Conditioning Technicians
Car Mechanics
Forklift Operators
Fitters and Turners
Landscapers & Gardeners
SEC Servicemen
Truck Drivers

Blue Collars - a.k.a. 'Tradies' - Overtaking White Collars In Worldwide Dating Scene

According to a recent survey by the networking site LinkMe, the five most desirable professions in the dating scene are all 'tradies' - carpenters, tilers, painters, builders and plumbers, specifically. Surprisingly, these tradespeople eclipsed the more white collar bankers, doctors and lawyers. Many experts point to the female's biological imperative for this marked shift in dating preference. Women are driven by instinct to seek out strong, protective types - who traditionally value work and family above all else. There is also evidence that the stereotype of the working class man - a man who is honest, hard-working and a stable provider for his family - is also at play. Additionally, there seems to be a growing fatigue across the entire dating spectrum - gay and straight - of the overly sensitive and overly primped 'metrosexual'. - 'Tradie' Phenomenon Sparks First-Of-Its-Kind Dating Website is the first and only dating website solely dedicated to matchmaking between tradies and those who love them.

Launched in Australia and New Zealand in February 2011 and now available to the US and UK as of January 2012, ( and as well) is a site solely dedicated to tradies and the men and women who love them (or at least aspire to).

How It Works

Basic membership to is FREE to anyone 18 and older (full membership costs a nominal fee). To join, all one needs to do is complete a brief online survey about their dating and sexual preferences, their star sign, country and age and upload a photo. Next, they'll be asked to share a bit more about their personality and lifestyle interests (i.e.: do they like art, movies, gardening, surfing, travel and the like?). They'll also need to describe a little about physical appearance - from their height and body type to their eye and hair color and even whether or not they have tattoos or specific piercings. Finally, a brief 'about me' profile can be provided - however, members are warned to keep it clean. Anything too explicit and the paragraph will be replaced by the emasculating and embarrassing statement, "I LOVE PONIES".

What LoveTradies Members Receive

Besides unprecedented access to like-minded tradies and those who want to date them - members will gain instant access to chat, a friends network, private photo galleries and videos and more. Whether men and women want to network with tradies, enjoy a love affair, date and get married or just have a fascination with tradies in general, LoveTradies will satisfy every tradie-related urge and curiosity, safely, discreetly and with a whole lot of entertainment value thrown in for good measure.

LoveTradies - A Boon For Edgy Advertisers

Companies with a bit of an edge to them - be they looking to up their hip quotient or raise their profile in the love and romance niche - would be well-suited to the LoveTradies brand. Plus, because the site is on the leading edge of an emerging trend in the online dating scene, advertisers who work with LoveTradies would be able to receive monumental exposure among those who are both curious and altogether serious about the 'tradies' phenomenon. Male, female, gay, straight, 25-65, the LoveTradies demographics cut a commanding swath across all societal strata - and, advertising space, while limited in quantity, also comes at an incredible bargain.

So, get in on the ground floor of the LoveTradies phenomenon and gain international exposure as this once hush-hush dating preference charges into the mainstream.

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A social dating platform like no other, LoveTradies was launched by two Australian sisters who thought there should be an easy, safe and efficient way for men and women to meet their beloved tradies and servicepersons. was originally launched in February 2011 to rave reviews. In January 2012, the site set its sights on the tradie dating scenes in the UK and US with and, respectively.
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