Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith has challenged the scientific community with a breathtakingly simple, astute and prescient analysis of the evolution of science and why it has been stalled in its quest to truly understand human behaviour.

The paper, What is Science?, published today by the World Transformation Movement, addresses the paradox behind why and how science has been used to justify rather than explain our non-ideal behaviour.

In his paper, Griffith tackles the big questions that many today have stopped asking due to the sheer lack of real answers, such as why are we selfish, mean and competitive when the ideals are to be selfless, loving and co-operative, and why do we have a conscience—why do we feel guilt?

Griffith, among the few scientists solely dedicated to analysing the complex and painfully confronting subject of the human condition, says the answer to humans’ contradictory nature is the culmination of the work of generations of scientific and theological thinkers who have bravely considered the depressing question: are we humans good, or are we a terrible mistake?

“The human condition, humans’ capacity for good and evil, is a subject so off-limits that most people, including scientists, cannot even acknowledge its existence, let alone use science to genuinely and thus effectively understand it,” Griffith says.

“While a handful of scientists have been able to penetrate this realm of inquiry, science today has been bastardised to fit with the level of denial that humans have necessarily put in place to block out our corrupted state and justify our, by all appearances, flawed nature.”

Griffith brings a refreshing and astute analysis to why the scientific discipline of sociobiology has failed to provide real answers, and how broad acceptance of Darwin’s ‘survival of the fittest’ theory has grossly overlooked the tendency among primates to develop love and cooperation.

“It was in fact our integrative, cooperative past that allowed our consciousness to emerge, yet acknowledging this heritage and our instinctive empathy for others and nature confronts us squarely with our lack of it today, so we have perverted science as a means of defence not explanation,” he says.

“Humans have become corrupted in the journey to find self-understanding, and as conscious thinking beings we have had to defy our instinctive cooperative past, yet there is now liberating and fully compassionate science-based explanation to finally put this conflict to rest.”

What is Science? is one of several short articles developed by Griffith to help demonstrate to readers the universal application of his synthesis to subjects wide and varied. The articles, on topics including ‘What is Love?’, ‘Is there a God?’ and ‘Consciousness’, appear in Griffith’s latest publication, The Book of Real Answers to Everything! (The book is freely available online at

Griffith’s work, which has been published in, among other titles, A Species in Denial (2003) and Freedom (2009), has received recognition from peers and independent thinkers around the globe.

“Griffith manages to summarise book-length expositions of these often times obtuse and varying perspectives on human evolution with clarity and brilliance,” said Scott Churchill, Professor and Chair of the Psychological Department and Graduate Program Director for psychological studies at the University of Dallas.

Australian mountaineer Tim Macartney-Snape has said that “all the books in all the libraries in the world couldn’t deliver the definitive explanations contained in The Book of Real Answers to Everything! and in Freedom, the complete presentation of Jeremy Griffith’s treatise.”

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