Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Following a week in Las Vegas for the world's largest consumer electronics fair, CES, Brady Gunn of online iPod speaker dock store predicts that handheld devices will become the "hub of our lives".

"Soon handheld devices will replace credit cards, keys and even passports," Gunn says. "We'll even have conversations with them!"

Here are Gunn's top 3 handheld related technologies, from the Consumer Electronics Show.

1)'Haptics' from ViviTouch.
This is a new way of causing our handheld devices to vibrate. They use 70% less battery than previous motorized vibrators and offer a more realistic rumbling while playing games or handling navigation. Soon all hand held devices will have this technology.

2)The Galaxy Note Smart Phone.
This is a merge between the smart phone and the tablet. It also features the S Pen which is pressure sensitive so light strokes create thinner lines.

"This Galaxy Note is world leading in it's concept. It's the first truly awesome hybrid of a phone and a tablet," says Mr Gunn. "And the S pen is mind blowing, the caricatures the artists were doing in the Samsung stand were unbelievable."

3)  Guitars and pianos with 'built in' iPads.
Ion audio has released specialised guitars and pianos with 'built in' iPads. The iPads demonstrate to the learner where better to place their fingers.

"This essentially replaces the need for a teacher and is just the beginning when it comes to tablets being 'built in' to physical objects," he says.


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