Tuesday, January 17th, 2012
Over 4,400 Australians suffer from Ross River Fever annually and Australians are at high risk this wet season with the mosquito population set to reach the highest numbers in over a decade.

The transmission of Ross River Fever and Barmah Forest Virus could get out of hand this season with the coldest start to summer in over 50 years and constant downpours across the nation.

Ross River virus causes inflammation and pain in multiple joints, and can cause fever symptoms with joint pain and swelling and bad cases can last several months.

Economically, the Ross River Fever creates a cost of $1,000 to $1,200 per person for medical expenses and loss of income. Physically, taking the recommended anti-inflammatories such as aspirin or ibuprofen can do more harm than good.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are commonly used as pain and inflammation reducers for patients suffering from Ross River Fever, however concerns over their safety when taken with other medication has caused alarm amongst health professionals.

A recent Danish study of over one million people revealed an increased heart attack and stroke risk from use of most NSAIDs.

The US Food and Drug Administration have already moved to put a warning on all NSAID labels, something that has not yet happened in Australia, regardless of the mounting evidence against their use.

The ongoing debate over NSAIDs has so far failed to provide an alternative for those wishing to seek an alternative anti-inflammatory relief for ailments such as Ross River Fever until now.

A revolutionary naturally sourced anti-inflammatory relief product, based on ancient Indian and oriental medicine, has been re-launched in Australia to safely help those suffering from suffering from joint and inflammatory pain.

Carathron, originally launched in Australia in 2002 with outstanding success, was based on three hand collected natural herbs, however due to the unavailability of the ingredients was discontinued.

It’s taken five years to reformulate, undergo all the efficacy, clinical and safety checks, and now the new Carathron that is based on two commercially grown herbs is available again for those seeking remedy for inflammatory joint symptoms.

Glen Gillard is a practicing naturopath with over 30 years experience and two clinics at Kedron, and Brenvale.

Mr Gillard says he believes that the special formula in the Carathron herbal capsules naturally act to help those with Ross River battle the symptoms successfully.

“The capsules help reduce inflammation by correcting the body's immune response as a modulator so excess inflammation is brought to near normal,” Mr Gillard says.

“Inflammation is the body’s way of clearing debris away from injury, allergy or infections, but in excess it can be very damaging so it is better regulated and modulated.

“Carathron works rapidly on inflammation and swelling which may be caused by stress from allergy, injury, strain on the body and immunity which could be compromised by infection or pathogens.”

Mr Gillard says Ross River Fever and Bahmar Forest viruses are known to ramp up the immune stress causing inflammation and swelling in the synovial fluid of the joints and the muscle tendons.

“Some individuals only suffer from a mild fever with little fatigue and joint and muscle pain and it passes in a few months, while others suffer life-long excessive muscle aches and debilitating joint pains,” Mr Gillard says.

“When they are put on non steroid anti-inflammatory drugs they do feel a sense of relief from the pain but not necessarily from the fatigue.

“And using most of these drugs long term can have serious side effects including for some stomach ulcers and for some loss of joint cartilage.

“Patients then feel they can’t win, some never get better and their Ross River Fever can bring on cases of Osteoarthritis earlier than one would expect.”

Mr Gillard says the Carathron is an ideal alternative to drugs and a safe herbal remedy with clinically proven efficacy and no known side effects over long-term use.

“It’s wonderful that complex aches and pains can be modulated to the point where better health and quality of life can be achieved for the afflicted individuals,” Mr Gillard says.

“I believe when the immune system becomes overly reactive after excessive pain and inflammation, it can only reset and repair itself when it has the right food, nutrients clean water and air, and rest to be able to disarm a virus.

“This is because its energy is focused rather than burning itself out fighting the inflammation that seems to rage in these types of diseases for many individuals.”

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