Sunday, September 13th, 2009
First Strategy Deployment offering

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Today, SuccessFactors (NASDAQ: SFSF) announced its Business Execution Software product road map and new Strategy Deployment solution.

SuccessFactors’ on-demand Business Execution suite of integrated applications supports the two key components that comprise effective business execution: business alignment and people performance. SuccessFactors’ business alignment offerings help ensure people are working on the right things every day, and its people performance solutions ensure the right people are in the right roles, and that they are working to their full potential. SuccessFactors product and services development effort is 100 percent focused on creating the industry leading Business Execution suite. SuccessFactors is building new capabilities to expand our leading position in people performance applications while creating new innovations in business alignment to close the gap between strategy and results. SuccessFactors Business Execution road map is purpose-built to:

• Provide executives the ability to monitor, diagnose, and act on issues related to strategy execution in real time.
• Allow everyone across an organization to instantly tap into the right people, resources and knowledge needed to execute against their goals and incite employees to show up ready to execute to their potential – everyday.
• Connect with information and capabilities from an expanding ecosystem of business application providers that integrate with SuccessFactors through the SuccessCloud.

The newest product in the Business Execution Software suite is the SuccessFactors Strategy Deployment solution (expected availability 9/18/09). This offering helps executives set overall business objectives, align them throughout the organization and gain visibility into how people and lines of business are executing against that strategy.

The first Strategy Deployment Solution helps companies:

• Rapidly communicate strategy – Business objectives can change at the drop of a hat, and the ability to execute, change and communicate goals quickly and clearly across the organization is critical to a company. The Strategy Deployment solution helps companies quickly communicate strategy – or changes to strategy and put broad strategic objectives into more targeted and relevant objectives so individuals, groups, and departments know exactly what they need to work on.
• Break down organizational silos – Collaboration is the connective tissue of work, and most objectives are not achieved by operating in silos so alignment across the hierarchy is essential. The Strategy Deployment Solution provides a rich set of collaboration tools that support cross-organizational teaming and help people find others who can collaborate with them to achieve their goals and move the strategy forward.
• Get transparency into all aspects of the company’s performance and take corrective action – Dynamic Analytics and C-level Dashboards give executives and management a comprehensive view of how their company is performing. Access to these meaningful metrics helps executives course correct and better execute on strategy. Future integrations with SuccessCloud partners will allow companies to combine business data (financial systems, ERP, CRM, etc.) with employee performance data.

Key capabilities of SuccessFactors Strategy Deployment offering include:

• Metrics Navigator provides executives with immediate access to rolled-up business insights so they can take action quickly.
• SuccessIndicators track and store operational metrics that provide business insights and monitor leading indicators so that executives can make course corrections in strategy. Data can be imported from external systems, including ERP, financial systems, data warehouse, CRM, etc.
• Objective Alignment Spotlight provides clear visibility from the most strategic to the most tactical objective.
• Objective Cascading lets executives and business leaders automatically align and push goals across the organization in one simple step.
• Employee Search and Collaboration Tools help employees find others via directory search or group associations to help them get their jobs done and execute against strategy.
• Business Execution Survey takes the pulse of employees to assess the current state of strategy deployment in order to chart a more effective path.
• Business Execution Services provide targeted services focused on helping companies get the most from the Business Execution Suite and drive business results. Services include workshops on topics such as Executive Goal Setting and Strategy Communication & Branding.

“From years of partnering with our customers, we’ve seen how important it is for workers to know exactly what they need to be doing and how they should get it done, and it’s amazing how often that doesn’t happen,” said SuccessFactors CEO Lars Dalgaard. “Our Business Execution Suite gets to the heart of that problem and helps companies rapidly communicate their strategy, and align it throughout the company and execute.”

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SuccessFactors launches first Strategy Deployment offering.


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