Friday, September 11th, 2009

It’s a horrible job that leaves parents cringing with disgust, but at the end of the day, somebody’s got to do it. No More Nitz – Specialized Head Lice Treatment Salon – is here to help families that are just beside themselves, as it opens the first and only head lice treatment and removal salon in Sydney.

If you have ever encounted head lice, it’s enough to just stop you in your tracks with panic. Parents, who are advised that their child has head lice or nits, may experience emotions from guilt to shame to anger to depression. But a young Maori woman, Jennifer Holt, is leading the way to eradicating the stigma often associated with lice.

“I too was a frustrated parent who was sick and tired of the continuous cycle of head lice in my daughter’s hair," Jennifer Holt said. "The lack of effective treatments available to parents was just another added frustration. It corrupts your family and working life, weekends and household for weeks to follow.”

Schools, child care centres, disability services and other children’s’ services are often sent into crisis mode when an outbreak occurs, and it is most often the parents who are left embarrassed, unsure, unknowing of what to do, and left to fend for themselves to find a solution.

Thankfully, the creepy bug insects that live and crawl on children’s heads, wreaking havoc, have finally met their match thanks to a new business called “No More Nitz – Specialized Head Lice Treatment Salon”. No More Nitz is the only trusted manual head lice removal service in Sydney. Now Open, the specialized head lice treatment salon, whose sole focus is head lice removal and hair cuts, is based at a location in the Parramatta area of Sydney.

The No More Nitz treatment salon provides kids with a playpen, toys, children’s videos and a giant chalk board. Adults can enjoy the high-end magazines that are provided and trained staff to educate them and dismiss the myths about head lice. Myths such as:

  • Head lice fly, jump, swim – No they don’t, they crawl, head-to-head contact
  • My children can’t get head lice, they have clean hair – Any one with a head can catch them, they don’t discriminate - regardless of age, sex, background or how clean your hair is.

Traditionally, if one child in the family gets head lice,

  • 80% of the time siblings will contract them,
  • 75% of the time mum will become infested and
  • 20% of the time dad comes down with a case as well.

“It is important to treat the whole family, not just one family member,” says company founder and Director, Jennifer Holt. “Also, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding head lice. We help clear those up and help parents through a very stressful time.”

“Thank god No More Nitz is here in Parramatta, Sydney,” says a thankful parent, Shelley Tane. “I was seriously tired and overwhelmed with the never ending cycle of head lice. The constant stress of the problem that wouldn’t go away was driving me into a depression, feeling of hopelessness and just not being able to deal with it, time and time again”.

No More Nitz tries to help eliminate those stigmas through education, letting parents and children know that head lice are very common and that having head lice is not associated with a lack of cleanliness.

No More Nitz also sells preventative products to parents to assist with the aftercare required when they leave the salon. Besides having a full-service head lice removal salon in Parramatta, Sydney, No More Nitz also offers the following services:

  • School screenings
  • Information seminars
  • School Clearance Certificates

Head lice are a very common problem among school-aged children. Current statistics from NSW Health Nitbusters Survey/Screening indicate that 23 per cent of the students get head lice annually; thousands of cases are expected in the Sydney area in September 2009 coming into summer. Head lice should be seen as no more than an unpleasant inconvenience that can be treated. And it takes only one infested head to infest a whole class. So, who you gonna call? NO MORE NITZ!

“No More Nitz is the only trusted manual head lice removal service out there,” said Jennifer Holt. “We have perfected a method of safe, effective head lice removal that we stand behind with a 100% guarantee.”
September 11, 2009

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“No More Nitz – Specialized Head Lice Treatment Salon” is the only dedicated, trusted manual head lice removal service in Sydney.
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The Head Lice Salon understands parents' frustration about this all-too-common, highly stressful malady. Below we provide statistics and destroy a few myths.


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