Friday, January 13th, 2012
A number of Gold Coast City councillors have slammed would-be mayoral candidate Eddy Sarroff’s proposed budget cuts as hypocritical and pandering to populist opinion.

Division 7 councillor and mayoral candidate Susie Douglas says Cr Sarroff’s suggestion of selling its Robina site, a key part of his mooted $40 million budget savings, is an astonishing about-face.

“Cr Sarroff was the one that originally supported the Robina site and actually negotiated its purchase for a new Council headquarters,” Cr Douglas says.
“This latest plan is nothing more than hypocritical and demonstrates continued inconsistencies in his policies.

“Delivering a prudent yet sensible council budget is a priority for all councillors, not just the exclusive province of Cr Sarroff, yet he seems to think people will be blinded by his populist approach.”

Others have already shot down the budget savings measures suggested by Cr Sarroff such as scrapping councilor cars and slashing divisional funds.

Division 1 Cr Donna Gates says Cr Sarroff’s plan to cut divisional funding will cripple a councillor’s ability to respond to immediate community needs.

Division 11 councillor Jan Grew says she doesn’t support the plans in the media by Cr Sarroff.

Cr Douglas says Cr Sarroff’s approach to budget cuts is ill informed and not properly thought through.

“For example the approach taken by Cr Sarroff on council funded cars will end up costing more in the long run just to administer,” Cr Douglas says.

“Saving $1 million annually on councillor’s cars, apart from ignoring remuneration packages stipulated in the Local Government Act, will not save anything.

“Employees are entitled to claim fair work use of their own private vehicle, which if Cr Sarroff gets his way will be how councilors use their cars.

“Implementing his proposal will actually cost more through extra administration on top of the legitimate expense of remunerating fuel, wear and tear and other associated costs.

“Cr Sarroff already uses his council funded car extensively so he might end up costing ratepayers even more.”

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