Friday, January 13th, 2012
Kogan unveiled a brand new design Kogan Borderless 46” LED TV (starting at $849), Touchscreen 6” eBook Reader($169), Twin Tuner Personal Video Recorder (Starting at $59), and fully featured Compact Video Camera (Starting at $265).

Kogan said the new products address demand from increasingly price-conscious shoppers.

“We’re in the middle of a period of economic uncertainty, where previously stable bricks and mortar retailers are really starting to feel the pinch.

“Retailers that simply stack their shelves with the same old products at full price and don’t innovate in their businesses, are finding times tough.

“It has become clear that Australian shoppers are becoming more frugal and are constantly looking for the best option for every purchase. They’re questioning and researching each dollar they spend.

“That’s where Kogan steps in. We’ve already sold over 300,000 products to smart shoppers -- today’s product launch further proves that Kogan is synonymous with the best value in Australia.

“Customers asked for an frameless or borderless, stylish TV in the range. We’ve not only joined the ranks of LG and Samsung with the only borderless TVs, we’ve also managed to squeeze in a built-in PVR and SRS speakers.

“We had specific requests for a touchscreen version of our extremely popular eBook Reader, so we’ve brought that into the range. Customers asked for our PVR to be upgraded with twin tuners, allowing you to record two shows at once, and we’ve now done that. We even changed the file format our video camera records to, based on customer requests for an AVI recording option.

“We’ve become one of Australia’s most well-known brands and we’re now even showing the UK how it’s done, because we don’t simply guess what our customers want. Instead, we listen to them and create exactly what they want in their technology at the world’s best prices,” Kogan said.

Kogan 46” Borderless Full HD LED TV - Starting at $849

Kogan Twin Tuner Full HD Digital PVR - Starting at $59

Kogan 6” Touchscreen eBook Reader - $169

Kogan Full HD 10x Zoom Video Camera - Starting at $279

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Kogan is a designer, manufacturer and retailer of consumer electronics. Kogan's streamlined business model allows us to bring the latest and best consumer electronics and home appliances direct to the door of smart shoppers and We engage our customers through our blog, Facebook and Twitter, and release new products based on the feedback we receive. We believe there is always a better way to create and deliver the technology people want.
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