Friday, September 11th, 2009
Queensland company Little Green Genie (LGG) is embarking on a cause to help reduce the emissions created by the earth’s billion-plus computers through the introduction of world first computer carbon offset software.

Launched this week by the Hon Kate Jones MP, Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability, the LGG is a program that calculates how much energy is being used by a computer, and then uses this information to buy a proportionate amount of carbon credits to offset this use.

LGG spokesman, Bruce Nelson, says with the manufacture and energy used to run computers creating as big a carbon footprint as the global airline industry, green minded computer users now have an option to offset their PC’s carbon emissions.

“We think the public really feel a sense of duty to help offset carbon emissions, but many feel it can be too much of a hassle to really do anything,” Mr Nelson says.

“The Little Green Genie program, developed right here in Queensland, is easy to download and calculates the computers emissions from energy use.

“It then automatically purchases carbon credits from Climate Friendly, a founding member of the international carbon reduction and offset alliance, which in turn supports renewable energy equal to the computers energy use.”

For the average computer user this will cost roughly ten dollars a year with the simplicity of the program and its accuracy in calculating the emissions identified as major factors in its potential popularity with personal computer users as well as businesses.

As part of the launch LGG will be promoting its inaugural national zero carbon computer challenge (ZCCC).

Entrants in the ZCCC offset the emissions created through the manufacture and use of their computers, making them a zero carbon computer user. They then promote their own online competition page to their network that then take up the challenge to do the same.

Every company (and person) who offsets through an entrants page is then added to their carbon total allowing them to compete with others from around Australia.

Climate Change and Sustainability Minister Kate Jones says the Queensland Government supports businesses that are making sustainable choices, because reducing our carbon footprint is everyone's responsibility.

"The Zero Carbon Computer Challenge is a great way for companies to compete against each other for the title of 'greenest' computer user within their network,” Ms Jones says.

"I congratulate Little Green Genie for developing such a simple and effective tool that can make reducing our carbon footprint easier.”

Mr Nelson says the challenge is a great way for industry sectors, companies and individuals to compete against each other to vie for the title of the most green computer user within their network.

“With two typical Internet searches using the equivalent energy of boiling an electric kettle (according to a Harvard University study) the benefits eclipse the small financial annual outlay,” Mr Nelson says.

“Computers, which are now critical to personal and business communications worldwide, account for around five percent of the world's total carbon emissions, which is about the same as the airline industry.

“We believe some healthy competition between individuals and organisations is a great way to get the message across, and already we have major companies such as Audi on board.”

Little Green Genie is part of a growing number of social entrepreneur businesses that recognise a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organise, create and manage a venture to make social change.

Enquiry about the program has already been received from over 78 countries including Bangladesh, Slovenia and Lebanon, with subscribers already on board from 10 countries, proving the broad international appeal of carbon offset initiatives.

As computers become more and more crucial to the running of our everyday lives, Mr Nelson sees the LGG as an excellent opportunity to keep the green message in front of people’s faces.

“We’re already seeing other by-products of the initiative such as users reporting that the program is causing them to look at improving their environmental behaviours in other parts of their life,” Mr Nelson says.


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Qld company releases ground breaking green computer software.


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