Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Ally Mosher, recent high school graduate from the Blue Mountains, turned down a scholarship and university position in order to co-author The High School Survival Guide; a full-colour, magazine-style book helping young women through high school.

The 20 year old former high school captain quit her $20,000 university scholarship and leadership program to write the book - following a life that suited her, over the traditional pathway. The author says “this book definitely wouldn't exist if I was a uni student right now.”

As well as overcoming her own uncertainties, Mosher had to overcome the doubts of others - “I've been doubted and challenged by more people than I would have expected.”

Collaborating with New Zealand careers consultant Tracy Keith and UK performance artist Ben "R-Tizt" Francis (also a teenager), the book’s creation took place entirely online and the final product provides insight to situations and challenges which may face the average high school girl.

Mosher felt there was a real need for the book. “I found that during high school I would search the internet if I was confused about anything and more often than not it gave me terrible answers!”

In today’s technological age, where information can be found almost anywhere but very rarely trusted, Mosher believed there needed to be a single port of call for teenage girls, allowing them to gain knowledge through a trusted source. “I hope that by using this book, girls will gain confidence and be able to admit when they’re wrong, to strive for ‘good enough’ instead of ‘perfect’ and to cut themselves some slack. To be happy with who they are: flawed and amazing”.

Furthering the book’s spirit of self-acceptance, all the models hired are teenagers living in the Blue Mountains area, and no retouching or airbrushing was used. The photos were very basically edited in terms of lighting and visibility, but the models were left untouched – the message of real beauty is backed up by the images.

The High School Survival Guide promotes confidence and provides a consistent resource for all questions and concerns that face high school girls today. “My hope is that this book becomes a keepsake, providing insight and advice for a variety of issues throughout the duration of high school.”

The High School Survival Guide is now available as an ebook or hard copy on

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The High School Survival Guide - published by MoshPit Publishing

The High School Survival Guide was released November 26, 2011 by MoshPit Publishing. It is a full-colour book starring teenagers in truthful photographs, with advice on home, life, love, work and school for teenage girls.

MoshPit Publishing is a Blue Mountains-based publishing company, specialising in essentially Australian stories.
Jennifer Mosher
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Heyam Kalla

Heyam Kalla is the author of the above release. Please contact either Heyam or Jennifer for more information or a longer article.
Heyam Kalla
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