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The majority of Australians aged 14+, 13.2 million (71%), consume yoghurt of some kind in a 12 month period; and 11.4 million (61%) consume yoghurt in an average 4 week period.

Fruit or flavoured yoghurt is most popular, consumed by 52% in a 4 week period, followed by plain or natural yoghurt (36%) and drinking yoghurt or pro-biotic/cultured milk (9%).

Roy Morgan Research has been monitoring the yoghurt market and consumer trends in relation to yoghurt consumption for many years.

Consumption of Yoghurt Types (Last Four Weeks)

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, October 2010 – September 2011, n = 18,483.

Natural or plain yoghurt is also a popular food in Australian fridges, 6.6 million (36%) Australians consumed natural or plain yogurt in a 4 week period (12 months to September 2011), up from 5.2 million (31%) in 2007.

The most popular brands of natural or plain yoghurt are Farmers Union, Jalna and Dairy Farmers. Other brands also having substantial consumer take up are Bulla, Vaalia, Yoplait, Pauls and Nestlé. Natural or plain yoghurt eaters are typically more health conscious and pay more attention to ingredients than the average Australian. Further detailed profiling of who is eating each of these brands shows that different brands and variants are clearly appealing to different kinds of consumers, eg. Jalna natural yoghurt eaters are more focussed on eating additive free or organic food, while Nestlé natural yoghurt consumers are more concerned about their fat intake, considering a low fat diet a way of life and always thinking about the number of calories in the food they eat.

Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director at Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Australians seem to be turning to natural yoghurt as a part of a balanced and nutritious diet. As we hear more about the health and digestive benefits of yoghurt more people are consuming this as a healthier dairy alternative.

“The research from Roy Morgan shows that dairy marketers may be well advised to focus on promoting the health benefits of natural yoghurt and continue increasing its appeal to health-conscious consumers. The increasing popularity of Jalna, with its clear health and environmentally-conscious branding, serves to emphasise the merit in this approach.

“With the rising interest in cooking in Australia and the important part natural yoghurt plays in many international cuisines, it will be interesting to see whether natural yoghurt enjoys even greater growth over the next few years.”

An extensive range of detailed Roy Morgan Yoghurt Consumer Profiles includes Natural Yogurt, Flavoured Yogurt and Drinking Yogurt. Profiles also available of consumers of leading brands including Dairy Farmers, Jalna, Bulla, Farmers Union and many more. These profiles provide a broad understanding of the target audience, in terms of demographics, attitudes, activities and media usage in Australia. Profiles of people who eat yogurt daily, weekly, etc are also available.

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