Thursday, January 19th, 2012
According to Roy Morgan Research, 91% of Australians 14+ have either sought advice from, or been the source of advice for their friends/family with the most talked about topic being about cars.

The most discussed topic amongst Australians 14+ is ‘buying a car’, with nearly two thirds (62%) of the population either playing the role of a trusted adviser (those whose advice has been sought by friends or family), an info seeker (those who go to friends/family for advice) or both. Eating out at restaurants is the second most discussed topic (61%) and planning a holiday or trip comes in third with 57%.

Less than half of the population seek or give advice on categories relating to home entertainment or electronics (48%), mobile phones (45%), signing up to an Internet provider (42%), finance and investments (40%), home renovations (40%), and health and nutrition (37%).

In all categories, Australians tend to be more Info Seekers rather than Trusted Advisers. When buying a car, 49% of people have gone to their friends/family for advice compared to 27% who have provided advice to their friends/family.

Top Ten Word of Mouth Categories Discussed by Australians 14+

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source October 2010 – September 2011, n = 18,851.

John La Rosa, Industry Director - Agencies, Roy Morgan Research says:

“Marketers have always understood the importance and value of Word of Mouth to promote their products. With our research, we can look at how much each topic is being discussed and whose opinions are sought as trusted advisers, and where information seekers. In some areas, like Eating out at a restaurant, there is a large percentage of people who regards themselves as both.

“‘Trusted advisers’, those providing advice to friends and family are an important conduit to the rest of the population.

“Trusted advisers are not always first to try new products – indeed in some areas, trusted advisers are more likely the voice of caution, eg buying a car where trusted advisers tend to be older males; in others they are the voice of optimism, eg in make up where younger females tend to dominate the trusted adviser space.

“When it comes to giving advice, trusted advisers are more likely to be male for cars, electronics, computers and sporting equipment to name a few. Women however are more likely to be trusted advisers for information on fashion, skincare and beauty products, decorating your home and most grocery and retail products.

“From a sociological perspective it is interesting that when it comes to seeking advice, men are below average across all categories. Women are far more open to receive information especially when it relates to information from other women on fashion and beauty products.”

Roy Morgan's extensive range of Trusted Advisors Profiles and Information Seekers Profiles is available – on buying decisions including cars, books, fashion, and skincare; information on health, technology, renovation any many more. These profiles provide a broad understanding of the target audience, in terms of demographics, attitudes, activities and media usage in Australia.

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