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Over 80 per cent of Australian’s are deficient in magnesium and research has proven the mineral to be directly linked to cardiovascular health, mental health and disease protection.

The most important mineral ratio in the human body is the calcium to magnesium ratio, however food stabilisers, prescription drugs, antibiotics and processed food directly reduce our magnesium uptake.

Dr Lawrence Resnick from Cornell University revealed in his research that an imbalance between calcium and magnesium links directly to the cause of insulin resistance, too much insulin production, hypertension, a tendency for blood to clot, unhealthy balances of blood fats, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Australian company NTS Health has produced MagSorb™ which boosts the body’s magnesium levels, assists with increased magnesium absorption, and proactively assists with improved mental and physical health and well being.

Internationally acclaimed author, educator and co founder of NTS Health Graeme Sait says magnesium deficiency causes an array of symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, rapid heartbeat and seizures.

“Lack of magnesium also causes cramps, muscle weakness, cardiac arrhythmia, hypertension, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, osteoporosis, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines and coronary heart disease,” Mr Sait says.

“Most people are unaware that daily foods such as cereal grains contain phytic acid which can affect magnesium and zinc, making these minerals insoluble.

“Food processing can also remove magnesium, for example, the conversion of wholemeal flour to white flour removes 80 per cent of the magnesium content, which is over 80 per cent of Australian bread sales.”

Mr Saits says MagSorb offers unprecedented benefits due to its high concentration of quality magnesium and the opportunities that epidermal application offers.

“Taking magnesium pills has been the most popular strategy to replenish our magnesium reserves but there are several problems with this approach,” Mr Sait says.

“Phytic acid, prescription drugs and malabsorption all compromise the uptake of magnesium during oral supplementation and reduces our capacity absorb the mineral.

"Magnesium is involved with over 300 biochemical reactions in the body and is essential for optimal health.”

Ms Saits says the magnesium in MagSorb is sourced from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed in Europe.

“Magsorb is a liquid concentration of magnesium closely resembling an oil, which can be applied directly to the skin as a spray or lotion or used in foot soaks or baths,” Mr Saits says.

“Over 250 million years old, the reserve is carefully extracted from 2,000 metres deep in the earth and is of a very high natural energetic state.

“Every 30 mL of MagSorb contains 3,300 mg of actual magnesium which is absorbed in as little as 30 minutes – this is far more than can be tolerated by the digestive system during oral magnesium supplementation.”

NTS Health have developed one of the most high quality, unique product selections in the holistic health industry with a commitment to the proactive maintenance of optimal wellness.

Their integrative, natural health approach encompasses the latest in longevity research and breakthroughs in energy medicine.

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