Tuesday, January 10th, 2012
Summer means berry season, but with cost and availability always an issue for favourites like blueberries and strawberries, an Australian owned company has come up with a unique way to enjoy them all year round.

Super Sprout produces a range of 100 per cent pure fruit and vegetable powders that retain all the nutrients, minerals and flavours, just as if you were buying fresh produce off the shelf at your local supermarket or grocer.

Super Sprout CEO Melinda Richards says their summer sensations range, which includes in-season blueberry, strawberry and apple powders, is a great way to get all the flavour and goodness without the cost and hassle.

“Our fruit powders are 100 per cent pure fruit and can be added to snacks, drinks and recipes all summer long with a shelf life up to three months,” Melinda says.

“The best part about using the fruit powders is the convenience, both for fussy eaters and time poor people.

“The Super Sprout range all contains vitamins and minerals which are essential for our bodies and to ensure a balanced diet is maintained.”

Melinda says Super Sprout’s blueberry powder is great for its powerful antioxidant punch and protection for your body from harmful enzymes.

“Blueberries help improve your skin's elastin, build healthy bones, lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases such has heart attacks and strokes and our powdered fruit products offer these same nutritional benefits,” Melinda says.

“As for strawberries, studies indicate that they can nutritionally support the aging nervous system. They are low in kilojoules and carbohydrates, and high in Vitamin C.

“Our organic apple powder is packed with antioxidants and is high in soluble fibre which has been known to reduce cholesterol and assist in regulating blood sugar.”

The Super Sprout range can be used sprinkled over fruit salads, ice cream, yoghurt, and are delicious when added to muffins.

They can also be used in your favourite cocktail recipe, adding real fruit taste without the mess.

Melinda says the current technology used on the fruit and vegetables is key to the product range retaining all their goodness.

“Our state of the art systems guarantee the products integrity leaving the cell structure in tact allowing the nutrients to remain untouched,” Melinda says.

“We provide a product that is unique to both the Australian and international markets, which even after being packaged retains all the goodness of the original food.

“Super Sprout powders are a different way to think about food and are a fantastic addition to your favourite recipe giving it a real boost in nutritional value.”

The entire Super Sprout range includes broccoli sprout, wheatgrass, apple, lemon, strawberry, beetroot, carrot, ginger, blueberry and barley grass.

For recipe ideas and more information about the Super Sprout range visit www.supersprout.com.au.

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