Tuesday, January 10th, 2012
Australian company Technigro has won a contract from the Singapore Government to provide best practice vegetation management to members of the Landscape Industry Association of Singapore (LIAS) as part of the country’s Landscape Productivity Roadmap initiative.

The initiative was announced recently by the Minister of State for National Development and Manpower, BG (NS) Tan Chuan-Jin, and is set to enhance the productivity of the landscape industry in Singapore.

Technigro is a vegetation management company pioneering Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) in Australia.

Traditionally, public open spaces have been managed in reactive ways that focus on solving individual problems; IVM provides holistic outcome-based solutions to vegetation management by taking into account all variables and utilising a broad range of tools and processes to deliver sustainable results. Technigro’s IVM implementation has been deemed as world’s best practice.

While Singapore has put considerable focus on its public open spaces, the local landscaping industry relies heavily on a low-skilled work force, which has led to ingrained inefficiencies in the supply of services.

Technigro’s work in Singapore will be constituted by two projects commissioned by the Centre of Urban Greenery and Ecology of Singapore’s National Parks Board: a tailor-made landscape vegetation management system, and a weed management best practice demonstration, both of which will aim to specifically improve competency and productivity of the workforce.

To complete the project Technigro will undertake a review of current landscape health management practices, incorporating a review of current activities, vegetation health management and an environmental and economic impact assessment.

The company will also undertake landscape industry consultation with a range of Singaporean stakeholders, including landscape maintenance contractors, management figures, and supervisors.

Technigro CEO Nick Bloor says this is a massive coup for the company.

“Developing innovative products and processes is central to the Technigro ethos, and to be asked to export our knowledge to neighbouring countries is a great confirmation of what we’ve been doing,” he says.

“We’ve been developing our IVM techniques for a number of years now, but it’s only been this year that we’ve introduced it as part of our service offering. IVM forms a better way of managing the environment with lower environmental costs, less risks, and guaranteed results.

“Rather than leaving the management of natural spaces to chance, IVM is about gathering all the necessary tools to proactively treat issues, thereby minimising their potential for impact. It’s an ever-growing system of best-practice techniques.

“The government of Singapore has displayed exceptional dedication to its country’s natural spaces, and their commitment to developing their own IVM programs is a clear indicator of this.”

While being based in southeast Queensland, Technigro has developed a number of international partnerships with universities and companies in order to develop their own offering.

Mr Bloor says Technigro plans to continue building on this experience.

“The deal with Singapore constitutes a part of Technigro’s international outlook when it comes to improving our own services and contributing to the quality of global vegetation management,” he says.

“Australia’s knowledge economy is expanding rapidly, and it’s fantastic for Technigro to be able to be involved in that moving forward.

“This is the first instance of us being able to provide training to an international entity, but we plan on continuing to seek opportunities such as this to further build on the collective pool of knowledge in our field.”

Technigro is a multi-award winning vegetation management company with over 24 years of experience in the industry. Technigro specialises in IVM - a vegetation management style delivered at a lower cost, with less risk, and guaranteed results. Technigro has offices on the Gold Coast, Logan and Brendale.

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