Monday, January 9th, 2012
A life without tan lines?

It’s now possible with the launch of, the sole Australian distributor of Tan Through swimwear. It's the only swimwear that allows up to 80% of the suns ultra-violet rays to pass through it, allowing you to obtain that all over bronzed look and minimize tan lines.

Get an all over body tan while retaining your modesty! Be part of this new Social Tanning Society!

Advantages of Tan Through swimwear:

* All over tan, minimises tan lines

* Super lightweight, great for maximising your airline baggage allowance

* Dries 3 times faster than normal swimwear

* Won't lose its shape or colour even after long hours in the sun, sea or pool

How it Works

Tan Through swimwear is constructed from a unique fabric. It is manufactured using state of the art CAD technology creating millions of small square and diamond shaped apertures that allow up to 80% of the suns ultra-violet tanning rays to pass through, and because of an optical illusionary colouring process Transol fabric is not see through when worn next to the skin wet or dry.

Millions of tiny, specially designed, apertures in the Transol fabric allows the sun light to pass through the material and onto your skin giving you that all over tan.

Is it Dangerous?

No, you must act in the same way as you do with your exposed skin when in the sun. Anyone going out into the sun needs to follow sun-safety, regardless of what they are wearing. This means wearing a hat in direct sunlight; applying a high SPF factor (15+) with UVA filter and UVB filter protection every two hours, especially after swimming (regardless of whether the sun cream is water resistant); not staying in the sun for long periods of time; and avoiding sunbathing between midday and 4pm. The wearer of any of our Tan Through swim suits should always ensure that they have applied sun cream all over before heading into the sun in the same manner that you would usually use only for exposed skin and recommended by the sunscreen manufacturer.

Keep checking the site

The Ecommerce system implemented by Sydney based web design company Phriskweb allow Tan through to quickly and easily change their product lines as introduce special offers so we recommend you come back to often to avoid missing a bargain. Also you can join their Facebook page to keep up to date with events and promos.

Current Specials

Until the end of January the following offers are available:

* Buy a Bikini Top and get a Brief for $10

* Buy a Tankini and get a Brief Free

* Buy a Kaftan and get a Bikini Top and Brief Free

Contact Profile

Tanthru Australia

Its finally here in the country it was designed for. Tanthru Australia is backed by two young entrepreneurs with over 22 years of sales and retail knowledge.

"We want to give Australians the opportunity to get rid of the tan lines without getting rid of the swimsuit!"

All of our swimsuits are hand stitched in the UK and with a variety of patterns and cuts, there is definitely something there for everyone

Our company wants to get people back on the beaches and to enjoy a Social Tanning Society.

We now invite you to join us and live a life without lines.
Vish Rana
P: 0418 712 937


Phriskweb is a Sydney based Web Development and Ecommerce company.

Our speciality is sites that are a little more technical or innovative than the run of the mill.

In addition to Web Development we are able to provide competitively priced packages for Domains and Web Hosting
John Simmons
P: 1300 227 123


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