Friday, January 6th, 2012
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA--(Marketwire) - CogniVue Corporation, a pioneer of a new class of programmable processors for low power, small form factor embedded intelligent vision processing, today announced SmartVue(tm) - the smallest and lowest power smart camera module demonstration and development platform in the market today. SmartVue, a programmable 1-inch cube camera designed with OmniVision's OV7962 advanced CMOS image sensor and CogniVue's CV2201 Image Cognition Processor (ICP), enables a multitude of embedded vision applications executing real-time image processing and scene analysis for markets where size and power matter.

The SmartVue reference module provides developers with a proof-of-concept design to showcase algorithms and applications early in the development cycle, accelerating time to market and reducing risk. SmartVue enables a number of markets, including:

-- Advanced driver assistance systems for automotive

-- Consumer appliance control using gesture recognition

-- Audience measurement using face/people detection and tracking

-- Asset monitoring and smart video monitoring

-- Occupancy sensing in smart buildings

-- Military/law enforcement using mobile/body-worn cameras

-- Robotics

SmartVue launches with a comprehensive software suite, including the Image Cognition Processor Software Development Kit (ICP SDK), OpenCV-based Imaging Tool Kit, application tool kits, and code development tools, making programming straightforward and practical. A growing number of sophisticated embedded vision functions such as moving object detection/tracking, gesture recognition, face detection, lane departure warning, blind spot detection and smart back-up camera are available on SmartVue.

"The CogniVue SmartVue camera module is a key component for the next generation of smart image sensing applications," said Mario Heid, marketing manager at OmniVision. "The SmartVue camera module represents a significant advancement in terms of performance, size and power. OmniVision is pleased to be part of this device and looks forward to developing new industry solutions for a wide range of markets."

"SmartVue is a catalyst to enabling the adoption of embedded vision systems in several emerging markets where excellent image quality and best-in-class low light sensitivity are critical. OmniVision's OV7962 is the ideal single-chip camera solution to meet these requirements," said Tom Wilson, Director of Product Management at CogniVue. "With SmartVue, customers have the basis for a production-ready camera design that can be tailored to their specifications and manufactured in volume with our ODM partner, Zorg Industries."

SmartVue is designed and manufactured by China-based ODM, Zorg Industries and sold through CogniVue's global sales and distribution partner, Future Electronics.

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CogniVue Corporation makes cameras smart by providing its customers with a comprehensive embedded vision processing platform combined with its best performance per mm2 per mWatt APEX processor technology in its first Image Cognition Processor (ICP) family, CV220X. CogniVue's vision processing software, tools and ICP chips are used a wide range of smart camera applications such as automotive vision systems, audience measurement, face detection, gesture recognition and other smart video monitoring applications. Founded in 2005, CogniVue is a privately held company headquartered in Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada. For more information, please visit

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embedded vision applications executing real-time image processing and scene analysis for markets where size and power matter



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