Thursday, January 5th, 2012

The day of the corner store has returned in the form of the internet, says Brady Gunn, owner of online iPod speaker dock store

Easier communication with manufacturers overseas and the broad reach of the internet means smaller operators can now compete in areas that have long been the domain of larger companies.

"The internet has really levelled the playing field," says Mr Gunn, "and it's the consumer who's winning.

"Big retailers have been overcharging us for years due to bad structuring and greed. Now almost anyone can get online and offer highly competetive pricing.

"Shoppers also like to shop online in boutique stores which is why we see sites like Style Tread for shoes and Dockhub for iPod docks do so well.

"It really does resemble the days of the corner store where we would shop for all of our items from individual retailers which is great for the economy."

Smaller retailers can also offer great customer service.

"Our customers feel valued because we genuinely care which you just don't get from large companies. Customers can feel safe shopping with us as we are Australian owned and operated and run a 24 hour customer service line.

"It's about time ordinary Australians got some of our own market share back! Too much money is going to too few people in this country."


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GUNN Audio

GUNN Audio is the expert in iPod, iPad, iPhone speaker dock and Bluetooth sound systems.

GUNN is committed to bringing you the best electronic equipment at the best possible prices.

GUNN is passionate about music and technology but believes Australians pay too much for quality products. We sell direct to you on line at warehouse prices. No middle men. 

GUNN is continually developing new and innovative products.

Our team is passionate about fantastic customer service! We'll stick by you and won't let you down.


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