Friday, December 30th, 2011
The word for 2012, says MAD Australia Productions, is COMMUNICATION.

“It’s a concept everyone pays lip service to, but few understand what it really means and even fewer do anything about it,” said MAD’s CEO, Mr Craig Douglas.

“Good, clear communication is a way of not only promoting yourself, but also of managing difficult times.

“The first rule is always answer your telephone, preferably with a person, and the second is to always respond to every query no matter how seemingly facile.

“Silence, in business, is very rarely golden, because when people hear nothing from you, they always assume the worst.”

The first step is to identify with whom you are communicating – your customers (new or established), your suppliers or your staff and, where necessary, massage the message to achieve the desired outcome.

While the concept of “spin” has taken on pejorative connotations, spin is not only an inevitability of political life, but of business life as well, according to Mr Douglas.

“What some people call spin is merely putting the best possible interpretation on events. And to make the most of whatever event is integral to your business, it needs to be communicated to your audience.”

The five rules of COMMUNICATION.

1.Identify the person or people you are talking to – customer, supplier, staff.
2.Vet the message to make sure you are saying what you think you are saying.
3.Devise a methodology to measure if the message has been received – and understood.
4.Allow an opportunity for feedback.
5.Continue the conversation to a satisfactory conclusion.

“One of the most effective methods of communicating is video because it’s affordable and allows for a considered expression while retaining the sense of immediacy and replicating the aura of intimacy found in one on one conversations,” said Mr Douglas.

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