Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Nashua NH, USA – February 13, 2012

ImageXpert Inc, leaders in providing measuring systems and solutions for verifying digital inkjet print quality, today certified Opaltone’s 6-color (CMYR’G’B’) digital ink set.

“We’ve tested literally hundreds of third-party inks and it’s not often we see one that’s comparable to an OEM ink such as EPSON,” said Yair Kipman, President ImageXpert Inc. “While printing our 600dpi inkjet test target ‘appears’ fairly straight-forward, our unique digital design is actually quite detailed in exposing typical inkjet deformities including: dot quality (satellites), text quality (fill-in), solid ink build up (drying), jet-out, color bleed & graininess etc. In fact, only 1 in 10 third- party inks meet our stringent quality requirements. Opaltone’s AquaFlo® ink set scored an impressive 9/10. This is quite rare indeed. We were particularly impressed with their inks ability

to overprint 6-colors @ 450% with perfect drying & no jet-out. What’s more amazing is their recently patented method in eliminating Pk, Lk & LLk. To save ink, Opaltone simulates Black by mixing R’G’B’ inks instead. I’ve never seen that before?” concluded Kipman.

ImageXpert can also measure and record inkjet droplets in flight using their unique frequency- actuated dispensing systems. Face-plate wetting visualization requires a 2-camera system.
One for the drop-in-flight analysis, the other for visualization of face-plate wetting during firing.

For more information on ImageXpert’s services please contact:

Mr. Yair Kipman ImageXpert [email protected] Ph: +1 603 598 2500

For more information on Opaltone Inkjet please contact:

Mr. Matthew Bernasconi Opaltone Inc. [email protected] Ph: +1 704 364 5562

About ImageXpert Inc.

ImageXpert is based in Nashua, New Hampshire. Since 1989, ImageXpert has been providing systems and solutions for image quality and part inspection for manufacturers of digital printers, consumables and components. Leading imaging companies throughout the world rely on ImageXpert systems in R&D and production. http://www.imagexpert.com

About Opaltone

Opaltone® is a patented imaging technology that digitally mixes CMY+R’G’B’ process inks. Black (K) ink is optional. The design & cost benefits are amazing; more colors from less ink plus a cleaner environmental because there’s no ink waste. Opaltone printers are already helping to reduce the millions of spot color inks stockpiled across our planet. You can do the same. An expanded gamut and a greener planet, welcome to the future of print. http://www.opaltone.com

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