Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

For the second year in a row, Charlie-Helen Robinson from CharlieDesign has released her predictions for the social media world. Charlie is an experienced voice of reason in the crowd. She started her journey to online in 1996 and has experienced crashes, Year 2k, and now the journey into the social communications and conversation age.

Charlie's predictions for 2012 introduce two new directions, confidence and conversation, however admits these to be a new take on an age old styles.

She says that the community as a whole is (more) supportive of each other, helpful, sharing and generally now confident with this new tool that is the social conversation and for 2012, she expects a more sophisticated development of the personal online brand. Interestingly she predicts a rise of the voice from the 50 year old male (taking over from the 50 year old female), and in particular through more use of social media in general – including the traditional sporting, hobby clubs jumping on board.

Having been involved in UniSA's Ideas Generation, establishing their first social learning environment, Charlie says the social and virtual learning arena, particularily in the general social media space, will be one to watch. She states  that the creative, sharing and collaborative space gave students confidence to share with outcomes very encouraging. 

That said, Charlie sees a bleaker future, with our court system tested on so many new levels. She says many will tire of the trivial “gossipy” type network of followers and their critical ways, with people expecting the equivalent of a quality journalistic magazine or newspaper online. 

Known as Helen to her mum, @charlierobinson is originally from Adelaide but has lived and experienced Sydney, Brisbane, Singapore and more recently online. She is the owner of the CharlieDesign consultancy (social communications, social learning and project management), the founder of the DeadRed Wine Group and a Director of the new venture, Unearthing Ideas. 


Charlie says, let the people’s voice rise. 


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Charlie is an experienced voice of reason in the crowd.
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