Tuesday, December 27th, 2011
“I know what you are thinking!” or that is at least what Aussie mindreading corporate entertainer Simon Paxton will lead you to believe. Paxton is a “Native Newcomer,” a Brisbane boy who has been a busy entertainer, trainer and speaker for the past 12 years—just not here in Australia until now.

Paxton a long-term resident of Japan personally experienced the devastating tsunami and earthquake in Japan. Speaking in Japanese, he has thrilled and inspired audiences, lectured in universities, and spoken or performed before corporate audiences all over Japan. Paxton is now back in Australia to share his unique brand of mystery, and unique it certainly is.

Paxton combines the mystery of demonstrations of mindreading, lie detection and super-memory with the empowering message that it is our thoughts that create our reality. Already an established mind-reader in Japan, the engagement with audiences that mind-reading creates has completely captured Paxton’s passion. Asked why he should be the go-to mentalist/mind-reader in Australia, Simon says, “Mind-reading is a completely engaging form of entertainment which is entirely appropriate for sophisticated, bright, inquisitive adult audiences. Audiences gain new insights into the power of the mind and experience a renewed sense of motivation. They have A LOT of fun as well.”

Paxton is a firm believer in the power of our thoughts and reaffirms this through his performances. When Paxton is not inspiring and amazing audiences he is working on his own personal development and is currently pursuing a PhD in International Studies (majoring in Japanese).

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Simon Paxton

Simon is a trainer, speaker and entertainer who specializes in making customized presentations for corporate audiences. For the past 12 years Simon has been amazing audiences in Japan. Fluent in Japanese, Simon has made appearances on national television in Japan and has even hosted a television show in Japanese. Simon is a certified trainer and holds a Master’s degree in Japanese and Asian studies.

Simon has returned to Australia to share his unique brand of mystery. A lifelong enthusiast for the mysteries of the human mind, Simon’s presentations of mind reading, lie detecting, and super memory demonstrate the ability to tap the power of the mind and the extraordinary human potential.

Simon is continually inspiring and amazing corporate groups Australia-wide. When not doing that he is working on his own personal development and is currently pursuing a Phd in Japanese studies.
Simon Paxton
P: 0468356070
W: www.simonpaxton.com


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