Friday, December 23rd, 2011
“He was furious .......” “She felt outrage over the way she was being treated...” “There was a public furore over .....”

Life can be frustrating at times, particularly when you are depending on others. At this time of year, many of us are travelling for Christmas holidays and to visit family during the Festive Season. Whether it’s by coach, train, plane or car we are affected by or depend on drivers, schedulers, pilots, baggage handlers, air attendants and other travellers.

I’ve just recently returned from a holiday to Lord Howe Island (which by the way is World Heritage listed and an absolute joy to experience). On my already delayed return flight I learned a lesson about the effects of unconditional love. After I’d disembarked and collected the luggage (about 10-15 minutes) I realised that I’d left my reading glasses on the plane, in the seat pocket. Hurrying back, I was asked to notify the nearby service desk attendant who would be able to go down to the plane to check for me, however they were experiencing difficulties of their own with the PA system down. Over the 40 minutes or so that I waited for someone to go down to the still-docked plane, my blood started to boil as I realised that the attendant seemed to be delaying on purpose, especially since I overheard her refusing offers by the other assistants to check this out for me.

Images of entertainment personalities throwing temper tantrums alternated with memories of media stories about the amazing fortitude of travellers held up in recent airline disputes. Which line of thought (and action) was I going to adopt?

I was well aware of studies that have been conducted on the effects of forgiveness on our health (Mayo Clinic), so I decided I had a choice to make. Let my blood boil over and become aggressive and demanding or silently brood over her ridiculously unhelpful behaviour? Or forgive, be grateful for the good things happening around me, and unconditionally love all the people at that service desk and working for that airline? It certainly wasn’t easy but I decided on the latter course ... they obviously could do with that love during this very hectic season.

Eventually the situation was resolved, although I didn’t come away with my glasses after all. But you know, I felt on a ‘real high’ all the same.

Later I realised that a headache, stress and tiredness I’d been feeling earlier had vanished as I chose to love everyone – even the woman at the service desk.

Christmas time is the perfect time to remember the life of Jesus and the example he set for us all. Might his unconditional love be just what was needed to heal the sick back then? And might it just have the same health-giving effect for us today?

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