Tuesday, December 20th, 2011
Groundbreaking digital kids games based on books from Australia’s leading pre-school author, Jeannette Rowe, have been launched by new Australian digital publisher What’s The Fuss! and Stella Projects.

Giggle Kids Games is a new brand in children’s apps created for preschool and early school age children. The apps are a first for Australia in that they combine some of the most beautiful children’s picture books with games into a highly interactive new application.

The focus of Giggle Kids Games is to PLAY, READ, LEARN and GIGGLE.

Giggle Kids Games are high quality and interactive games, providing both learning and fun that parents and kids will enjoy and want to play again and again.

Initially developed for iPad and available on the App Store, Giggle Kids Games will soon be available for iPhones and Android devices globally.

Giggle Kids Games are the brain-child of Jeannette Rowe, one of Australia’s best selling pre-school authors.

Jeannette has published quality books for preschoolers for more than 20 years with international book sales of over 3 million books in 19 countries and in more than 14 different languages.

Her bright, bold and strongly coloured style, coupled with her warm and funny characters, means her award winning books are loved by all.

The first four games being launched under Giggle Kids Games are:

YoYo Go Spy!: an ‘I-spy’, ‘hunt-and-find’ series of eight games in one, based on Jeannette’s book YoYo Go Spy, featuring Yoyo the dog and his friends.


My First Words: a ‘touch and name’ series of 9 games in one for young pre-schoolers based on Jeannette’s ‘My First Words’ book.


Smarty Cat - Frogs: a ‘read and play’ book and game based on Jeannette’s book SmartyCat Frogs, teaching children about the amazing life cycle from tadpole to frog.


Guess Who At The Zoo:
a guess the animal game plus a memory card game based on Jeannette’s book ‘Guess Who at the Zoo?’


All Giggle Kids Games are age appropriate, educational, quality and fun.

Each Giggle Kids Game features the author’s voice along with a unique parent voice record facility, pre-reading skill development and sneaky learning opportunities that are so much fun, kids will not care that it’s good for them as well.

Skills such as visual discrimination, memory & concept development, interactive play and decision-making are seamlessly integrated into Giggle Kids Games.

Giggle Kids Games provide game play that is suitable, safe and fun for young children. Each game will use the full capacity of digital tablet technology including tapping, flicking, touch, slide, personalization, audio recording and playback.

Game play will incorporate a wide variety of game play including memory games, I spy, make a picture, colour and paint, drawing, mazes, puzzles, chase and race games.

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