Monday, December 19th, 2011

The owner of one of kind weight loss company for women Nic McCondach says that at Lose Baby Weight they aren’t surprised by the recently released findings of a major study by Roy Morgan Research which has shown that the majority of New Zealanders (63%) are now either overweight or obese.

McCondach says:

“There are many stages in our lives where the battle with weight gain can be difficult, and for mums one of these periods can be weight gain following pregnancy. While all women naturally gain weight during a pregnancy, our research tells us many find it extremely difficult to lose excess weight after their baby is born, especially given that they have little free time to cook healthy meals or go out to the gym regularly.  Pregnancy weight loss, and in fact weight loss for women is a very personal subject.”

The study by Roy Morgan Research was significant comprising 115,000 interviews over a ten-year period from January 2001 and September 2011 and has shown the percentage of the population that are obese increased from 25% in December 2001 to 28% in September 2011, and that only 35% of New Zealanders had an acceptable weight in September 2001, as shown by their Body Mass Index (BMI), compared to 38% in 2009.

These trends are supported by the other study findings that show 38% of the population are watching their weight, up from 36% and that 60% of the population report that they would like to lose weight, up from 58%.

McCondach says:

“At Lose Baby Weight we saw a real need to help mums lose their baby weight in a safe, healthy and effective way without having to resort to unhealthy diet options. The Lose Baby Weight Plans work by giving a mums body everything it needs so that her immune system, digestion and metabolism all work effectively and she feels energised and healthy.”

“The key point of difference is that our plans are not about starvation or going hungry, instead the focus is on a healthy eating plan and living a healthy lifestyle with the right support to get mums back to their goal weight.”

On the Lose Baby Weight Plans mums lose an average of 1kg a week, a safe and healthy weight loss, and because the plans contemplate a mum that might still be breastfeeding the key nutritional products contain no weight loss accelerants or caffeine.

The Lose Baby Weight website also acts as a significant tool for any mum wanting to lose weight and shape up post pregnancy – all information is provided for free.


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Lose Baby Weight offers safe and healthy weight loss products and plans to help mums lose weight when they feel 100% ready to do so (we do not put pressure on mums to lose weight and only support them to lose weight when they are ready). The plans and products are created by nutritionists and post natal exercise experts and include diet and exercise plans, cook books, exercise DVD's, calorie bibles and meal replacement smoothies plus a huge amount of free online support and content - including over 500 recipes.
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