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An Australian-based father and son entrepreneur team share their experiences on the road to outstanding success in "Winning Credibility - A guide for building a business from rags to riches".
Penned by Matthew Michalewicz and Dr Zbigniew Michalewicz, Winning Credibility is a "warts and all" guide to business success, based on the story of IT entrepreneurs "Diane and John". It follows the fortunes of the pair as they launch their high-tech company in the over-heated business environment of the late 1990s.
Matthew Michalewicz, the younger of the two authors, says that on analysing their own and others' successes and failures, the difference between "boom" and "bust" was more often than not based on perception - the way the companies were perceived by media, analysts, customers and other influencers.
The losers were those that lacked the ephemeral quality of "credibility".
"Experience is the best teacher," Matthew says. "What we are trying to do in the book is give people the benefit of our experience in the lions' den of starting a technology business, raising capital, and finally exiting with your soul and bank balance intact."
A serial entrepreneur, Matthew is CEO of SolveIT Software, which he founded in Adelaide in 2004, to provide profit optimisation software solutions for Global 1000 companies and government organisations.
Matthew's father and co-author, Dr Zbigniew (Mike) Michalewicz, is an internationally renowned academic who followed in his son's footsteps to settle in South Australia as Chair Professor in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Adelaide. He is also Chairman of SolveIT Software.
The team enlisted the support of influential Polish leader Lech Walesa* as a board member for a US-based business that was eventually sold for multimillions of dollars. That relationship led to the Michalewicz's featuring in publications like Time Magazine and the Wall Street Journal.
Winning Credibility reveals in plain language how you can become successful by being less focused on the "riches" and more on the building blocks of ethics, market research, and making sure you establish credibility through every avenue possible, from media through to partners with the right connections.
*Lech Walesa was the leader of Poland's Solidarity Union and the country's first
democratically elected President. Mr Walesa is also a board member and one of the founders of SolveIT Software.
About Winning Credibility
Winning Credibility is published by Hybrid Publishers in Melbourne, Victoria, and provides a practical "how-to" guide for overcoming the hurdles that all entrepreneurs face when starting and growing a business. The book is also a great resource for managers of any company who seek to grow their business. Included are countless out-of-the-box solutions for winning that first major client, signing up partners and resellers, building an all-star management team, leveraging new customers from existing customers, impressing the media and analysts, engaging high-profile board members, finding investors who provide more than just money, and much more.
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