Saturday, December 17th, 2011
Sydney, Australia – December 16 2011, Australian schools are reaping the benefits of using innovative ways to engage students with classroom technology by using integrated and intuitive tools, rather than a ‘one-size fits all’ approach, to improve learning outcomes in the classroom.

Teachers have been finding success with DYMO/Mimio Interactive Teaching Technologies (ITT), which provide teachers with a seamless, integrated and easy-to-use suite of interactive teaching tools and services tailored specifically to teachers.

The MimioClassroom™ Product Suite transform standard classrooms into interactive learning hubs and includes a range of interactive whiteboard devices, student assessment systems, document cameras, accessories and software that seamlessly work together or on their own .

Emma Hobson, an English, society and environment teacher at Waikerie High School in South Australia, points to the versatility and engaging nature of Mimio as a major factor in choosing the technology. Her students, who range from 13 to 16 years old, use MimioTeach™ for all kinds of classroom activities including spelling, brainstorming, Venn diagrams, introducing new tasks and essay writing.

Emma points out that she is constantly discovering ways to re-package information that provoke different reactions in the classroom. “If I can present information to classes in a new way, it is definitely more interactive, hands-on and engaging for my students,” she says.

Anthony Nunan, mathematics teacher and e-learning co-coordinator at St. Patrick’s College in Victoria, agrees, explaining that the results he gets from the MimioVote ™ assessment system in particular helps him identify the areas he needs to put more focus on in his teaching.

“Using the MimioVote, I basically do five NAPLAN tests every class. It’s invaluable, because it tells me what I teach well and more importantly, it tells me what I teach poorly, and when I need to find better ways of teaching. It actually changes the way I teach, which of course results in better outcomes for my students.”

Anthony notes the MimioVote is also especially helpful for students with behavioural issues, as it compels them to focus on the task at hand. “It almost acts as a disciplinary tool, because they’re forced to concentrate on their work. When the Mimio is on, the clock is running and they know they’re being monitored and that they need to respond.”

For Lorellyn Tomlinson, ICT coordinator and Resource Teacher at Mindarie Primary School in Western Australia, the affordability and convenience of DYMO/Mimio first attracted her to the products.

Lorellyn’s school had originally devised a five-year plan to rollout interactive whiteboards into its classrooms. When she discovered the cost effectiveness of DYMO/Mimio, the school was able to reduce this five-year plan to just a two-year plan. Now, Lorellyn boasts of her school’s “incredible setup. There aren’t many places in our school that don’t have a MimioTeach system. We have one in each of our classrooms, the library, the staffroom and conference room – 35 devices altogether!”

Lorellyn continues to highlight, “the most convenient part is that every classroom already has half the equipment needed – the Mimio Teach device just attaches to any regular whiteboard to make it interactive.” Schools are therefore able to maximise their classroom space, as well as save funds on extra equipment by using DYMO/Mimio.

Commenting on the positive feedback, Mimio’s Australia Sales Manager, Peter Goldie says, “We’re very pleased with the positive responses we are receiving from Australian teachers.

“Our engineers recognised that interactive classroom technology needs to benefit the teacher as well as the student. It’s fantastic to hear that their insights were well-founded and are providing effective, results-driven technology solutions in Australian classrooms."

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About Newell Rubbermaid Global Business and Technology Solutions
DYMO is the overarching name for the Newell Rubbermaid Global Technology Solutions portfolio. In a world that demands greater productivity and measures it at every opportunity, DYMO provides businesses, educational institutions and consumers with innovative and easy ways to share, manage and organise information with improved efficiency and satisfaction.

DYMO global technology brands are organised into four solutions:
• DYMO® / Labeling Identification Solutions include DYMO hand-held label makers, PC connected label and postage printers, plus Industrial labeling tools (
• DYMO™ / CardScan® Contact Management Solutions include CardScan business card scanners and contact management software (
• DYMO™ / Endicia® Postage Technologies include Endicia online shipping and mailing services (, as well as customised postage (
• DYMO™ / Mimio® ITT (Interactive Teaching Technologies) include Mimio interactive whiteboard technology, digital ink recorders, document cameras, student response systems and engaging lesson plan content (

These global technology brands complement Newell Rubbermaid’s strong portfolio of global brands, which also includes Rubbermaid®, Sharpie®, Graco®, Calphalon®, Irwin®, Lenox®, Levolor®, Paper Mate®, Waterman®, Parker®, Goody®, Rubbermaid Commercial Products® and Aprica®.

The DYMO/Mimio Classroom suites of products include:
• MimioTeach™ – the heart of the MimioClassroom suite. MimioTeach transforms any dry-erase whiteboard into a fully-interactive whiteboard to enable interactive learning. MimioTeach is also supported by various other new, innovative features including:
• MimioVote™ Student Assessment System – simplifies assessment, grading and recording-keeping
• MimioView™ Document Camera – incorporates images and video into interactive lessons
• MimioCapture™ Ink Recording System – captures whiteboard images made with dry-erase markers
• MimioPad™ Wireless Tablet – move around the classroom while teaching with the whiteboard remotely
• MimioStudio™ 7 Software – compatible with popular software applications and other ITT software

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