Friday, September 4th, 2009

A HAMILTON Hill house will open its doors to the public on September 13, as part of Sustainable House Day, highlighting how environmentally-friendly actions can be easily applied within the home.

Nominated in the City of Cockburn's 2009 Sustainability Awards, Adam Peck and Amy Warne have been working to make their house more sustainable since buying it in 2001 by adding solar panels, a 14,000-litre rainwater tank and retrofitting it with various energy-saving features.

They have removed existing lawn and exotic trees, replacing them with local waterwise plants, and have planted an organic fruit and vegetable garden with drip irrigation, along with establishing a successful composting system.

By making simple lifestyle changes, they have also reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by keeping a weekly log of their water, power and gas use and finding ways to further reduce consumption.

The house, located at 31 Burridge Way, Hamilton Hill, will be open from 10am to 4pm with free entry to the public.

Cockburn Mayor Logan K Howlett said it highlighted the commitment to sustainability across the City and that people were realising individual efforts in day-to-day life played an integral role in achieving sustainable solutions.

"We all make decisions each day which have some impact on the environment, economy and community," he said.

"We are heading in the right direction and, with the help of committed individuals, we will continue to progress this even further."

A record 170 homes are opening their doors to the public for Sustainable House Day, as millions of Australians continue to embrace renewable energy, recycling and other practices designed to lessen the impact on the environment.

Event manager Judy Celmins said the event would give people the chance to get a real-life look inside houses that have been designed, built or fitted out with sustainability in mind while receiving unbiased advice from home-owners.

"We're seeing greater investment in harvesting water and solar energy as communities realise our resources are finite and likely to become more expensive," she said.

"By becoming energy-efficient today, you'll be on the front foot to save on energy bills and help the environment now and into the future.

"Sustainable House Day, supported by Solar Shop Australia, provides a chance for people to exchange ideas and learn from each other and visits to the houses are free of charge - so it will cost nothing to see how easy and economical the move to greener living can be."

For a full listing of homes open for Sustainable House Day, visit


sustainable1.jpeg: Fruit trees, a vegetable garden and solar panels are an integral part of the Hamilton Hill sustainable home.

sustainable2.jpeg: A rainwater tank reduces reliance on the normal water supply.

sustainable3.jpeg: Amy Warne with preserves made from fruit and vegetables grown in her own garden.

The Australian Government has a national plan to help the growing number of households looking for ways to save money on household bills, make their homes more comfortable, and help protect our environment.

The plan includes the $4 billion Energy Efficient Homes Package, Green Loans, expansion of the energy star rating system and the phasing out of inefficient lighting from November 2009.

Go to to find out what action you can take and the government assistance available.

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City of Cockburn

The City of Cockburn celebrates its 30th birthday in 2009, regarded as one of Perth’s fastest growing and culturally-diverse local governments.

With a population of about 80,000, it has grown into one of Perth’s most dynamic and successful areas. The population is made up of a large percentage of children, families and seniors, and a large percentage of people born overseas (28.8%).

As a developing city, Cockburn has a good mix of residential, rural and conservation areas and has more than 2000 businesses. The City of Cockburn, as a council, has a continuing mission to make the area the most attractive place to live, work and visit in the metropolitan area.
Chris Thomas
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Sustainable House Day

This is the eighth year of the successful Sustainable House Day – where houses across Australia are opened to show you how to live more sustainably.

Almost 10 per cent of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions come from households. But every Australian can make a big difference to the environment and their wallets through simple, cost-effective, everyday actions.

Visit an open home on Sustainable House Day and go to to find out the practical and often easy steps you can take to reduce your impact on the environment, as well as your energy and water bills.

Environmental awareness – or being "green" – is great, but putting it into practice around your own home is the best contribution you can make to living in harmony with our planet.

Find out direct from home-owners who’ve put sustainable living into practice, about reducing waste around your home, saving water, natural home heating and cooling and more.
Judy Celmins
M: 0403 290 371


Sustainable house on show in Hamilton Hill, Western Australia


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