Friday, December 16th, 2011

With interest in Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith’s biological synthesis of the human condition growing strongly, the World Transformation Movement (WTM) has introduced several interactive features to its website to capitalise on the immense potential that online interactivity has for spreading and developing interest in such exciting new ideas.

The site which promotes Griffith’s ground-breaking insights into human nature now includes a series of online videos featuring explanatory commentary from Griffith, various WTM founding members (including world-renowned mountaineer Tim Macartney-Snape), and former president of the Canadian Psychiatric Association, Professor Harry Prosen.

This increased interactivity provides an important accompaniment to Griffith’s 2009 book, Freedom a compilation of all his earlier books and writings and significant new material”and his soon-to-be launched, online publication, The Book of Real Answers to Everything!

“We are excited to be able to leverage the latest technologies and internet capabilities to make this redeeming and rehabilitating explanation of the human condition accessible to everyone, no matter where they are based,” WTM Director Tony Gowing said.

“The WTM is the nerve centre of critical work that answers, using rational science, why humans are the way we are—less-than-ideally behaved—and how to overcome the entrenched denial that all humans have necessarily employed to defend that behaviour,” he said.

“The videos and interactive facilities are designed to give the world an open and transparent view of our organisation and provide support as people around the world gain a deeper appreciation of the enormity of what the WTM has pioneered.”

The improved WTM site features a self-contained membership area that gives new members insight into how the WTM operates and the ways in which founding members apply the information on a daily basis. The new interactive video conferencing allows members from around the globe to participate in regular online discussions about Griffith’s biological synthesis of the human condition as well as the opportunity to share their personal experiences with the new paradigm that the WTM is promoting.

“With the understanding of the human condition finally found, the horizons that now open up for the human race are absolutely boundless, and immensely exciting—so we want people to ask questions, find out what others are thinking and doing, become involved and help bring about the now urgently needed healing of the world,” Gowing said.

“This is the ultimate information, arriving via the ultimate information communication technology of the internet at the ultimate, desperately needed, eleventh-hour time in human history.”



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