Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

More evidence has emerged recently of the Federal Government's environmental policy influencing emerging business, with the launch of an Australian owned and operated sustainability recruitment firm in Melbourne, pb Human Capital.

In a bid to capitalise on the Government's agreement on renewable energy targets by 2020, and the ongoing debate over the ETS, pb Human Capital has emerged as a frontrunner in the new and potentially-lucrative sustainability recruitment market, to be launched officially on Monday 7th September, 2009.

With 17 years of industry experience behind them, co-founders Warwick Peel and Brendon Booth anticipate a trend within recruitment towards this area and have made the leap into the new venture early. “Every industry is turning towards sustainability, and now it’s about more than just being environmentally conscious,” said Booth.

Citing the recent $4.2 billion spend announced by the government on environmental initiatives as a prime example, Booth supported the notion that this will have a flow-on effect into the realms of business enterprise — particularly in the recruiting industry, “For the first time, the people most passionate about caring for the planet have realised that if harnessed effectively, it can also be a vehicle to save money and to make money,” he said.

And according to co-founder Warwick Peel, employers are going to have to start thinking laterally about the skill sets of prospective hires.

“Right now there are relatively few experts in this field for the amount of funding being directed towards Renewable Energy and Sustainable development,” he said. “So in the medium-term, employers are going to have to look at raw ability, attributes and skills, and not just experience.”

Highlighting the recent announcement by AGL Chief Executive Michael Fraser of a further $5.2 billion injection for AGL’s renewable energy developments, both Booth and Peel have been overwhelmed by their own experiences of this shift in environmental practices across industries.

“Everybody we talk to has an opinion on renewable energy and sustainability,” said Booth. “Last week we met with an associate of ours, who is a leader in the IT industry, and within moments he was giving us a lecture on green IT practices.”

With sustainability now high on everybody’s agenda, this enthusiasm carries through to the corporate sustainability community.

“When we meet with Green Energy producers, or even enviro-consultancies, they are so excited to be making a difference that they’re happy to share their knowledge with us,” said Peel. "And of course, our knowledge in the area continues to grow also.”

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pb Human Capital

pb Human Capital is an executive search and recruitment firm located in Melbourne’s CBD that launches September 7. Co-founders Warwick Peel and Brendon Booth are experts in recruitment and passionate about sustainability. Young entrepreneurs (32 and 27 respectively), they are seizing opportunities presented by the ETS and agreement on Renewable Energy Targets to recruit specifically for the sustainability sector.
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An Australian owned and operated sustainability recruitment firm, pb Human Capital, has opened in Melbourne, in response to to the Government's environmental policy. Please contact me for more information about this emerging need.



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