Thursday, December 15th, 2011

JUMP! Swim Schools has successfully launched a swim school franchise with plans to be operating in all states within 5 years. JUMP! runs specialised boutique facilities, focused primarily on teaching beginners and infants.

Child drownings continuing to be a problem in Australia. 42 children drowned ages 0-14 in 2010/11 and even more disturbing is that Participation in swimming lessons has been in decline for the past 10 years and many Australian children are at extreme risk of drowning . The latest survey by the ABS showed that the most popular sport for children was swimming but yet they are not learning to swim. 50,000 children leaving primary school every year unable to swim . 

JUMP! Swim Schools Founder Ian Campbell said that a new approach to combat child drowning’s is long overdue, as over the past 9 years there has been no significant improvement in the drowning rates, and by giving parents more options for swim lessons should have a big impact as council facilities struggle with growing populations.

“Each year we talk about the same prevention measures heading into summer, but each year far too many children still drown. It is a huge social issue, it’s terrifying,” Mr Campbell said.

“This franchise is a win-win for Australia. It will provide a huge opportunity for franchisees with a market that is crying out for an more options, and provide customers with greater availability of swim lessons.”

Mr Campbell has high hopes for his swim school franchise as an industry changer. He believes that with the growth of JUMP! as a nation wide swim school franchise, the marketing budget of a national brand will allow a greater awareness and pull for the industry. 

“I dream of a day when swim school companies are on TV telling you to bring your kids in for lessons just as regularly as a fast food company tells you that you need a hamburger, or a retailer tells you that you need a new TV.

“The impact will be immediate, because swim lessons are such a marketable product. The kids love them, the parents can have fun in the water without the children being scared, it’s a marketers dream. But the segmented market of swim schools in Australia has made that impossible as most swim lessons are run out of council pools or school pools. But JUMP! will change all that, our mission statement is to increase swim lesson participation by making swim lessons more accessible, and that is what we will view our success as.”


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JUMP! Swim Schools

JUMP! Swim Schools was founded in 2010 by swim safety advocate Ian Campbell. JUMP! Swim Schools is a business model designed to allow swim lessons at cheaper prices and increase swim lesson participation.
Ian Campbell
P: 1300 429 241
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