Wednesday, December 14th, 2011
In this modern age, the trusty and reliable post office is at risk of becoming obsolete, however Australian business owner Peter Harris has other ideas by sending traditional printed letters electronically.

Docsaway is a PDF-based solution that is ideal for businesses wishing to automate or outsource the mailing of their paper-based documents from a number of locations throughout the world. It’s printed letters - an old school form of communication - being sent in a faster, easier and in a more modern way.

It seems right that Mr Harris set up such a business and has an interest in the changing nature of the service as he has a family history in the postal industry. He comes from a long line of postal workers which started before in the 19th century.

“My ancestors have been providing postal services in Maidwell, a Northamptonshire village in the UK, since the advent of the Penny Post in 1840, starting with a Thomas and Mary Goode,” Mr Harris explained.

“The family link ended after 120 years when my aunt, Dorothy Dixon, closed the Maidwell post office in the 1960s, however our link with the postal service resumed with the creation of L-Mail in 2003,” he added.

Although Docsaway is focused on sending documents via the Internet, the focus is still on a traditional style of communications.

With increased speed of delivery and lower cost for international mail, Docsaway offers many benefits for sending printed mail.

Docsaway is a product of the Central Coast business QiQ which was established by Paul Hamlington and Mr Harris. The service enables businesses and individuals to send mail and documents via 30 worldwide locations through a simple web interface.

“We are keen to increase awareness of our services in the UK marketplace and we believe the resemblance to traditional ways of sending mail and the cost savings will be the solution businesses are looking for,” Mr Harris explained.

Docsaway, together with L-Mail, operate collectively from 30 locations throughout the world. Together, Docsaway and L-Mail form the boutique Internet consultancy QiQ Communications.

L-Mail is an HTML-based solution providing the necessary tools to help turn an email into a letter.

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• Docsaway is operated by Peter Harris and Paul Hamlington
• It is a PDF Solution that can send up to 40 pages, printed in black and white or colour and is browser friendly with an optional API for greater automation
• Docsaway has multiple printing locations worldwide, supports PDF password protection and offers bulk volume discounts and friendly global support
Johanna Baker-Dowdell, Strawberry Communications
P: 0477 000 170
M: 0477 000 170


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