Tuesday, December 13th, 2011
Freedomsbridge consulting is pleased to announce the launch of the FreedomsBridge project. The project aims to bring together switched on individuals and organisations to facilitate positive change.

We each of us have within the capacity to walk through this life with Self awareness, with a sane mind.

I am thoroughly human, with human desires. I drink, smoke and have sex, so thoroughly human am I. And yet I am not human either – for beyond those desires that I fulfil when they arise, I am the observer as well as actor. Creator and created I move through space and time, and am also fixed in time. A grand paradox the whole thing. This world of 2011 is not sane by any stretch of the imagination. Yet through this madness, I am sane.

A sane mind lets go of the past and lives in the present...a sane mind is able to review failures and mistakes and grow from them without the suffering of grief and remorse. A sane mind sees with clarity and makes decisions accordingly. A sane mind steps beyond fear, guilt and pride into courage and grace. A sane mind promotes and supports a sound spirit and well body.

What can be done? The world does not need yet more saviours, it requires sanity across the 99% and the 1%. Sanity of the 100%. Sanity of being, thought and action.

Be sane now.

Atalanta Lloyd-Haynes
freedomsbridge consulting

Atalanta's practice utilises a range of different healing methods to assist in a shift to a sane and open mind, and physical wellbeing. As for your spiritual wellbeing, she can point you in the direction of some common-sense and simple spiritual practices gathered from many disciplines. The. freedomsbridge project seeks to bring together practitioners in the areas of the Arts, Business, Community and Wellbeing for the purpose of facilitating a sane and sustainable world.

For more information on the project please call Atalanta Lloyd-Haynes on +61 418 462 320 or skype on a.talantos

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freedomsbridge consulting

freedomsbridge consulting works across the areas of The Arts, Business, Community and Well-Being to facilitate positive change. The vision is to become a collective of entrepreneurs, practitioners of the Arts, business people and community organisations working together towards positive change in the world.
Atalanta Lloyd-Haynes
P: +61418462320
W: www.freedomsbridge.com


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