Saturday, December 10th, 2011
The US Postal Service is struggling to survive, but Australian Peter Harris is joining the push for US businesses to write more letters through his electronic posting service Docsaway.

Just this week the US Postal Service announced it would close more than half its mail-processing centres in a $3bn cost-cutting drive, resulting in 28,000 job losses

Docsaway is a PDF-based solution that is ideal for businesses wishing to automate or outsource the mailing of their paper-based documents from a number of locations throughout the world. It allows businesses to have the sincerity and genuine nature of a letter, without the fuss of actually going to the post office.

Traditional post offices are often now viewed as outdated, slow and costly. Posting a letter involves not only a financial outlay, but also the cost of personal time. The efficiency and reliability of the postal service is no longer guaranteed and people are looking to other methods for communication.

“It is a shame to see such an institution as the post office clouded with doubt and uncertainty. Docsaway bridges the gap between the need for efficiency and the personal nature of receiving an actual letter,” Mr Harris said.

“I recognised the potential for an affordable mail service that combined traditional mail with the speed of the internet at a time when many of my friends were without an internet connection,” he explained.

The post office’s problems stems from pressure on revenue and costs. As any computer user knows, the internet has revolutionised the way people and businesses communicate. As a result we are sending far less conventional printed mail.

“We’ve been sending paper-based documents via our mail services every day since 2003. Our systems rarely miss a beat - we check our servers every five minutes to keep our reliability promise,” Mr Harris offered as the solution.

“We are keen to increase awareness of our services in the US market and we believe Docsaway with its cost savings is the change US businesses are looking for,” Mr Harris said.

The US postal service is currently running a campaign titled, “Save the U.S. Post Office: Write A Letter”. Quite simply, the more letters written, the more chance the post office has of surviving – and who doesn’t like receiving a letter (as long as it’s good news)?

Docsaway does not discourage people from writing and sending letters, but instead offers a solution to maintain this art in an efficient way via the internet.

“Write a letter, send it through Docsaway via our safe and secure service, and still embrace traditional postal and mailing services,” Mr Harris urged businesses to do.

Docsaway, together with L-Mail, operate collectively from 29 locations throughout the world. Together, Docsaway and L-Mail form the boutique internet consultancy QiQ Communications.

L-Mail is an HTML-based solution providing the necessary tools to help turn an email into a letter.

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• Docsaway is operated by Peter Harris and Paul Hamlington
• It is a PDF Solution that can send up to 40 pages, printed in black and white or colour and is browser friendly with an optional API for greater automation
• Docsaway has multiple printing locations worldwide, supports PDF password protection and offers bulk volume discounts and friendly global support
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