Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

Adelaide, South Australia - Renowned Jazz legend, James Morrison visits In the Chair to find out more about the innovative music education software that is currently available for music students and teachers.
"This could not have been done ten years ago!" says James Morrison as he remarks on how In the Chair(TM) is an extraordinary leap in music education technology.
In the Chair is music education software that allows students to practice with professional bands and orchestras. It puts students inside the band, enabling them to hear the other musicians as they watch the video and play from their spot in the band.
Part of the excitement of music lessons is having a teacher encourage you and correct your mistakes. In the Chair takes these elements to create the ideal practice environment by `listening' to the students' performance and giving immediate feedback on pitch, timing, tone and dynamics. Feedback is shown on the sheet music after each note is played and through the voice of a friendly tutor. Students are able to immediately understand their mistakes and work on them during each practice.
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James Morrison visits In the Chair


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