Tuesday, December 13th, 2011
It's tough being a journalist or blogger these days. 

Not only are you expected to generate high-volume quality content that's both enticing to readers and search engine-friendly, you're also expected to be familiar with every new product or service in your interest area, both locally and globally.

But a new online service called The Media Bag (www.themediabag.com) will at least make it easy to get your hands on new products and service vouchers for free and from the comfort of your iPad.

Founder Rebecca Derrington said The Media Bag was developed to match products and services to journalists and bloggers keen to get a 'heads up' on recent innovations and to sample a product or service first-hand.

"The service is simple. A journalist or blogger signs up and nominates their areas of interest. Soon they'll start receiving emails with a description of relevant products or services and an option to be mailed the product or a service voucher to review," she said.

But the service isn't open to everyone to join. Only those journalists or bloggers who satisfy The Media Bag’s eligibility criteria are able to sign up for products and services. 
Derrington said this was to ensure only credible and influential journalists and bloggers received products or service vouchers, but the criteria's not so onerous as to overlook bloggers with a captive but niche audience.

While The Media Bag has been launched to journalists and bloggers this month, PR professionals and businesses won’t be able to start submitting their products and services until the New Year. 

Ms Derrington said the reasons for the staged approach was to ensure journalists and bloggers had a head start to sign up and urged eligible journalists and bloggers to take advantage of this pre-launch period.

"I'm aware of a real demand for this service from people wanting to get their products in the hands of relevant journalists and bloggers, so I strongly encourage interested journalists and bloggers to sign up now to avoid missing out on receiving products and services relevant to their niche."

To sign up, journalists and bloggers need to go to www.themediabag.com

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