Thursday, December 8th, 2011
Curves are in and the beach is where it's at! Mary Holland Lingerie and Swimwear announces exciting new trend in super confident women ready to flaunt their curves in stunning swimwear on the beach this summer.

Mary Holland today announced an exciting new revelation in the Australian girls attitude to swimwear and the ideal look being aspired to for the beaches of Sydney.

New Swimwear styles are now being made to support and accentuate the curvy girls assets giving them confidence and re-positioning the Australian girls most "aspired to" look for the beach this summer.

New styles from brands such as Seafolly, Ginga and Baku as well as the more targeted ranges from Freya are opening up a new presence of confidence in the curvier beauty who has shied away from a bikini due to lack of support and coverage. Until now the option has been "full coverage" old fashioned styles without on trend influences. This full coverage is most unflattering given the golden rule that too much coverage leads to the illusion of more volume in the body, whether it be the bottom or the bust. The only other option has been the skimpy "no support" bikini – leaving the curvy girl in danger of serious bikini malfunction. Local brands are now offering "just the right amount" of coverage to enable a curvier girl to feel confident she is secure in her swimwear with structures such as power lining and underwire support that guarantee to keep things in place without completely covering the body.

Founder of Mary Holland, Belinda Roelofs said, "the goal is not so much about reducing curves or making girls look smaller. Our customers are becoming more and more comfortable in their own skin and just need assurance that the swimwear they are selecting will stay in place. There is nothing worse than the fear of too much movement in your swimwear. Any sort of physical activity in a bikini has been almost impossible for someone with a fuller bust until now. For a lot of girls, getting into the waves or a game of beach volley ball was a terrifying thought.

"We are delighted to have such a varied range of styles and levels of support up to a G-cup in our bikinis. This, combined with the extremely positive influences in the media over the last year, communicating the beauty of a curvy girl is completely changing the way our customers feel about swimwear and hitting the beach."

Mary Holland conveyed the continued demand for swimwear to have control panelling to reduce curves and smooth out the body's imperfections. This has been a demand for many years and slowly but surely control wear brands are addressing this with body shaping ranges for the curvier figure.

What is inspiring Mary Holland lingerie customers and driving this new found confidence is events like Vogue Italia putting Robyn Lawley in their feature spreads, followed by Madison Magazine and Cosmopolitan using her in their swimwear photoshoot this season. Further influences reinforcing this are celebrities such as Christina Hendricks, Beyonce and Tyra Banks who are constantly flaunting their curves and delivering messages about positive body image. A powerful image one could not forget in a hurry is Beyonce in all her curvy glory in a simple bodysuit in the "Single Ladies" video clip.

Mary Holland reported customers are now more open to advice about dropping the boardshorts and cover ups and going for bikini sets – especially in the size 14 – 16 market. Until this year a large number of these girls have shied away from a bikini.

Belinda said "We are delighted to see our gorgeous customers embracing their curves and hitting the beach in bikinis. It is about time!"

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