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Following the success of COMPRESSPORT® products in countries all over the world, COMPRESSPORT® has recently celebrated Aussie triathlete and team member, Melissa Rollinson taking out her first world title in Las Vegas after just one year of triathlon competion.

Mellissa Rollison, an Australian steeplechase and athletics champ is an avid COMPRESSPORT® user. Mellissa has been training in athletics since the age of 11 and since her first triathlon she has worn COMPRESSPORT® compression garments.

“I have found COMPRESSPORT® garments to work best for me,” she stated. “Not only do they provide good compression to my muscles but they are easy and comfortable to wear during all three legs of a triathlon - being lightweight, breathable and not having the whole foot piece allows me to swim in them with ease.”

COMPRESSPORT® offers a wide selection of sporting gear designed to cater for the needs and demands of professional athletes and amateur sportspeople. COMPRESSPORT® products are perfect for all sports and have been created especially to facilitate training, racing, and recovery needs.

The innovative technology utilised in COMPRESSPORT® products increases efficient venous feedback from your feet to your heart, reducing the accumulation of toxins while increasing oxygenation to the muscles, and improving recovery time so you can train more often. COMPRESSPORT® products use veino muscular compression technology to stimulate muscles while training. Products in the range are all designed differently, each with their own unique features that are sure to meet and exceed training needs.

The R2 product (Race and Recovery) reduces impact shockwaves and muscle oscillation helping prevent injury and reducing muscle fatigue. With this technology, COMPRESSPORT® allows you to go beyond on your limits and at only $65.00. [insert pic

The UR2 (UltraRace and Recovery) is COMPRESSPORT’s first product to boast the ‘micro encapsulated textile’ technology. The microcapsules of organic essential oils are embedded in the textile and are constantly releasing their active ingredients onto your legs ensuring the continued wellbeing and protection of your legs. At only $79.00 you can perform at your peak without a massive price tag.
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The new Miss COMPRESSPORT® is a stylish way to perform your best while running, pedalling or even during long haul flights or car trips. The range follows the R2 model while the special woven fibre of the calf sleeve enhances massage and optimises comfort to the calf. At only $70.00 each, you can get your friends together and train fashionably.

Due to the success of its current range of products, COMPRESSPORT® has designed a range of new pro racing socks. The PRORACINGSOCKS 3D.DOT have been engineered in 360 degrees to optimise an athlete’s performance during effort. These new generation socks offer both extreme comfort and biomechanical advantages aimed at optimised blood flow and posture hold.

Some of the key benefits include:
• Blood flow stimulation: The acupressure effect of the 3D.DOTS contributes to activating and stimulating the micro blood circulation in the soft areas of the foot where the skin is thin and microcirculation flush with the skin.
• Shock absorption: The external overwoven structure of the 3D.DOTS allows for absorption and dampening over the shock areas.
• Protection of the Achilles tendon: The 3D.DOTS at the rear of the sock protect the Achilles tendon thanks to their “cushion” effect thereby preventing friction and pressure from the sock.
• Protection of the malleolus on the TRAIL model
• Slip-proof: The multidirectional 3D.DOTS ensure maximum grip in shoes thereby preventing feet from slipping during effort.
• Ventilation: No heating, no risk of blisters as the air flows easily between the 3D.DOTS.
• Water extract: The 3D.DOTS do not retain water (rain, hydration, perspiration) and facilitate its discharge. Feet stay dry.
• Extreme comfort: The internal overwoven structure of the 3D.DOTS ensure extreme comfort and eliminate any risk of chafing thanks to its padding effect.

With COMPRESSPORT® superior training garments athletes are given the opportunity to train at their peak, exceeding performance levels through an innovative design that boosts their performance, avoids muscle tear and injury, and aid in fast recovery.
Pro Aussie Triathlete, Tim Berkel is also an avid user of COMPRESSPORT® products stating, “The PRORACINGSOCKS 3D.DOT socks are my first choice in foot support and protection for marathon competing. I am adamant about wearing not only a comfortable sock for the 42.2km marathon but one that will support my Achilles/sole area, which tend to get tight over the long haul of a marathon. I knew with this comfort and support it would hold me in good steed to go forth and do my best ever marathon time to launch me into another consecutive victory of Challenge Copenhagen.”

COMPRESSPORT® products are available in various stores all across Australia, or for added ease you can shop online at the e-store.

Visit http://www.compressport.com.au for more information.

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