Tuesday, December 6th, 2011
Business people from different parts of the globe understand that a sluggish economy, rising costs, and regulatory changes can be counteracted with innovation and that businesses that fail to address strategic, structural or business development issues will not survive.

International business consultancy, The Alchemy Network, has put together stories from business owners in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Switzerland and Germany in its first edition of Entrepreneur Success to see what is driving business owners in their pursuit of business success.

The free quarterly title provides a wealth of articles on how business people from different parts of the globe seize opportunities and overcome daily challenges, and gives tips on business strategy, emerging trends, and growth opportunities.

“The stories in our magazine are about people who will not take ‘no’ for an answer, who have started a business by doing things the ‘hard way’ and who have said, “Actually, I’ll do it my way.” says Sylvie Danoy, Managing Director of the Alchemy Network Australasia.

“You will read about individuals breaking away from steady jobs to cater for a slice of the market ignored by their former employer, people who re-invent their business when they see game changing trends in their industry, and you will meet the ‘tradesperson’ who is now trying desperately to save his business after seeing his thriving enterprise which employed 25 people dwindle down to 6.”

And, then there are the new kids on the block. The internet has made things easier for anyone wanting to give it a shot. What would you do if you were 18 again, living in today’s world?

"We can all find ways to be creative. To be a little ‘Out of the Box”. To have an uncompromising wish for making a difference to the lives we touch. To think ‘Yes, it is possible.’" says Sylvie Danoy.

The people and businesses featured in the publication benefit from big exposure for themselves and their business through a hard-copy magazine and extensive online distribution channels.

Business is about people and about dreams and Entrepreneur Success is the conduit to build on those dreams.

If your business would like to be featured in Entrepreneur Success, please contact Sylvie Danoy on 0417 505 662. Editorials and interviews are free of charge.

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