Wednesday, December 7th, 2011
If you have ever wanted to learn to sing, take advantage of the free downloads online that Rae Henry has developed. With her help, it won't take you long to learn the techniques that professional singers use to perfect their voices, develop the right posture and start singing. Users can download six free lessons go get started from her website, Singing Solutions.

Ms. Henry makes it easy to get started with vocal training and the first lessons teach budding singers to develop enough confidence to sing alone or with a group, learn pitch, something critical when performing with a group, along with learning the right ways to breathe when singing for more voice control. One of the most important lessons the video series teaches is how to warm up the voice before starting to sing. Just like with exercise and athletic activities, singers employ techniques to warm themselves up to avoid vocal injuries. She also includes sessions that address getting the most from the voice.

Singing, whether a solitary or group activity, is a means of self-expression. As with all musical training, expert instruction when learning to use an instrument teaches novices the best techniques from the beginning. Learning good habits and methods early on avoids having to unlearn bad habits down the road. Good habits also make progression in any musical art faster.

One of the advantages of learning to sing is that people can do it anywhere and it's a natural human skill. Besides learning to use the voice to create beautiful music, joining a musical group teaches teamwork and cooperation. It also provides a great deal of personal satisfaction and growth, for people of all ages and abilities. Music enriches lives, especially those who take the time to create it themselves.

Ms. Rae's introductory course to singing comes to the email inbox once a day for six days. Students can save them and review the course contents over and over. Those who want to continue the program can subscribe to receive additional lessons. One of the most valuable components of the Singing Solutions program is Ms. Henry's encouragement of those who study with her. She shows her students that anyone can master the voice, but it just takes time, practice and commitment, along with using proper techniques that she's proven work.

Rae Henry is a professional singer who resides in Melbourne, Australia. She is an accomplished classical opera, jazz and lyrical singer.

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