Friday, August 18th, 2006

They may be a well loved member of many Australian families, but for people suffering from unwanted intrusions, cats can be a nightmare.
Cat fouling, fighting, and harassment of native animals living in backyards across Australia are just some of the many problems faced by thousands of homes in suburbia today.
Yes, cats may be cherished pets, but they also have a significant impact on the wider community.
There are more than 2.5 million domestic cats in Australia, with the average cat killing 25 mammals, 15 birds, 12 reptiles and frogs each year, many from private gardens.
For Adelaide residents and directors of innovative wildlife company fauNature, James and Heather Smith, a love of native animals combined with the desire to eliminate unwanted feline traffic in their garden led to the purchase of CATWatch, an ultrasonic alarm.
The highest selling cat deterrent in the UK, CATWatch encourages persistent felines to go away, and stay away for good. The secret to the unit is an ultrasound alarm, which is triggered by the movement and body heat of the cat. While the alarm is inaudible to humans and most wildlife, it is extremely irritating to the cat.
Completely safe, it does not cause any harm to humans, the cat or any other animals.
Following the success of the product in their own garden, James, a zoologist, and Heather, a veterinarian, made the decision to import the units in Australia.
"We are both animal lovers and it is extremely important to us to protect the native wildlife attracted to our garden, at the same time not harming the unwanted feline visitors," James said.
"The unit worked so well for us that we are keen to share its success with others."
The unit can also be utilised by cat owners looking to protect their prized pets or prevent them entering certain areas of their yard.
"Cat owners can now humanely encourage their pets to stay away from the road, leave the fishpond alone or stop leaving unwanted surprises in the children's sandpit by installing a CATWatch," James added.
"CATWatch does not cause any harm to cats, it emits a range of ultrasonic frequencies that cats find uncomfortable, so avoiding the area is the best solution for them."
The unit is designed to run all year round and in all weather conditions and can be installed in minutes, either at ground level or secured at the base of walls, fences and trees.
Launched in 2005, fauNature brings together products and services to create inspirational encounters with native animals and attract them into our everyday lives.
In addition to CATWatch, fauNature also provides a variety of nesting boxes for people looking to attract birds and other wildlife to their garden.
CATWatch retails for $135 per unit, plus postage.
For more information about CATWatch or to purchase a unit, contact fauNature on 0406 400 933 or visit

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