Tuesday, December 6th, 2011
7.2 million (39%) Australians aged 14+ consumed sweets such as lollies, toffees, éclairs and caramels in the last 4 weeks, according to Roy Morgan Research.

The latest Roy Morgan Research data reveals interesting insights about the sweets people eat and why people eat them. Allen’s Snakes Alive is the most consumed brand at 19%, ahead of The Natural Confectionery Company Jellies, which includes a collection of separate types including Snakes, Jelly Babies etc, at 14%. These two brands sit well above the group of brands that make up the rest of the top 10.

Top 10 brands of sweets - lollies, toffees, éclairs and caramels by consumption

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, October 2010 – September 2011, n = 18,483. * TNCC – The Natural Confectionary Company.

The overall motivation for people to consume any sweet – lollies, toffees, éclairs or caramels is mainly because they wanted to enjoy the different tastes, textures and colours (22%). This reason is followed by people wanting to indulge to make them happy (19%), and because they were bored and wanted something to nibble on to get through a boring task (17%).

But there are different reasons for different brands of sweets, for example, Allen’s Snakes Alive consumers were more likely than the average sweet consumer to say the reason they last ate sweets was “I wanted to indulge myself to make me feel happy” (23% of Allen’s Snakes Alive consumers compared to 19% of all lollies and toffees consumers).

Those who had eaten Mentos Fruit Flavours were more like than the average sweet consumer to say  “I needed an energy boost and wanted to feel recharged and ready to go again” (16% vs 11%), while Chupa Chups consumers were more likely to say “I just wanted to enjoy the different tastes, textures and colours” (28% vs 22%).

Allen’s Fantales consumers, which ranked the number 11th most consumed sweet brand, were more likely than the average sweet consumer to say they last consumed sweets because “I was bored or wanted something to nibble on to help get me through a boring task” (30% vs 17%) or “I wanted to pause for a moment to help me feel more relaxed” (12% vs 6%). Skittles consumers are also more likely than average sweet consumer to cite boredom as the main reason (33% vs 17%) as well as saying  “I wanted to make a moment spent with others more special and fun” (8% vs 4%).

Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director at Roy Morgan Research, says:

“With the proliferation of different lollies available, marketers are under great pressure to make their product stand out from the crowd. Roy Morgan data gives powerful insights into what is driving consumers to their preferred brand and style of sweet.

“These results open the way for marketers to more effectively promote to their target market by taking advantage of the triggers for their brands’ consumption. They could also inform new product development by allowing sweets producers to tailor new products to the reasons people eat them.”

An extensive range of Roy Morgan's Lolly Buyer Customer Profiles is available – brands include Allen’s, Skittles, Mentos, The Natural Confectionary Company, Pascall, Chupa Chups and many others. These profiles provide a broad understanding of the target audience, in terms of demographics, attitudes, activities and media usage in Australia.

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