Friday, December 9th, 2011

“Friendly” App Lets You Plan Exclusive Events Easily From Your Smartphone

Melbourne, December 9, 2011 – MicroStrategy® Incorporated (Nasdaq: MSTR), with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane today announced that Usher™, a free, “friendly” event management app linked to Facebook Events, is now available worldwide for the iPhone on the Apple iTunes App Store. Usher allows you to easily set up and manage an event from beginning to end with seamless integration with Facebook Events. You can download the app by going to the website and clicking on the link to the App Store.  

Event Management App Combines Electronic Invitations and Ticketing

A better way to manage events with Facebook: Usher lets you build upon your network of Facebook friends and extend personalised invitations for your event, whether it’s a nightclub event, a university get-together or a charity benefit. With Usher, you can create an event from your iPhone and use convenient filters to invite the guests you want in minutes, eliminating the time-consuming hassle of selecting guests person-by-person.

From planning to party, all on your smartphone: You can check RSVP’s in real-time, manage separate VIP lists, and even send last-minute invitations. Using Usher on your iPhone, you can manage every aspect of your event with electronic guest lists. If you prefer a printed guest list, Usher can create that for you, too.

Mobile tickets as cool as your event: Usher delivers unique mobile tickets directly to your guests’ smartphones so they don’t have to worry about bringing a printed invitation that can be easily misplaced. If guests don’t have an iPhone, they can access tickets on a browser or print them on the web at

Manage the door like never before: Doormen can check people in using Usher on their iPhones, and validate tickets using a Facebook photo, QR Code, Sight CodeTM, Usher CodeTM or Phrase CodeTM (check-in methods designed for both security and speed at the door). Once the party starts, you can see who’s arrived from your smartphone without having to stop the conversation.

“Usher is simply a better way to manage your Facebook Events,” said Michael J. Saylor, chairman and CEO of MicroStrategy Incorporated. “With Usher, you can manage your professional and personal events conveniently and securely from your smartphone.  You can send and receive invitations, be fast to RSVP, and benefit from privileged ticketing and check-in.”

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“Friendly” App Lets You Plan Exclusive Events Easily From Your Smartphone



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