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Vendor Scoring Based on Mobile Platform Support, Platform Integration and Numbers of Supported BI Features

Melbourne, December 9 , 2011
– MicroStrategy® Incorporated (Nasdaq: MSTR), a leading worldwide provider of business intelligence (BI) software, with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane, today announced that it has been rated the top Mobile BI offering out of 24 product offerings in the widely followed Howard Dresner Mobile BI survey.  

According to the survey data, MicroStrategy ranks #1 overall among vendors offering Mobile BI, based on 25 criteria platform and feature capabilities.  
Survey findings included:

  • Mobile BI has significantly increased in importance.  BI ranked in top three uses for “high demand mobile applications – after e-mail and personal information management.”   
  • 68% of respondents now view Mobile BI as either “critical” or “very important,” compared to 52% in 2010.
  • “A majority of respondents (75%) indicated that between 21-81% or more of users will use Business Intelligence exclusively through mobile devices within the next two years.”
  • “When it comes to integration with mobile platforms, users indicate that they prefer a ‘native’ experience versus a browser/HTML experience.”

“We’re in the midst of a profound shift toward Mobile BI and mobile computing,” said Howard Dresner, Dresner Advisory Services and author of the Mobile Business Intelligence Study. “We believe that this paradigm shift will affect everyone and have as much impact as the Internet did, over time.”  The study rated MicroStrategy the top Mobile BI offering, with the most complete feature set for Mobile BI.
“We consider the Dresner survey results as confirmation of our global leadership in Mobile BI, and our steadfast commitment to supporting our customers worldwide with easy-to-use mobile apps,” said Sanju Bansal, MicroStrategy Chief Operating Officer.  “MicroStrategy’s enterprise-grade platform is well-suited to make mobile app development fast and easy. Our customers are preparing for and embracing Mobile BI because they don’t want to be left behind.”

MicroStrategy’s mobile customers include such leading brands as GUESS?, Inc., Mirus Australia, , Herbalife, MetLife,, eHarmony, and Sonic Automotive.
To learn more, please join MicroStrategy’s free webcast about the latest insights in Howard Dresner’s Mobile BI Market Survey:  A copy of the Dresner Mobile BI Survey is now available at

About Howard Dresner and Dresner Advisory Services

Howard Dresner is Chief Research Officer at Dresner Advisory Services, LLC, an independent advisory firm and a well-known authority and author in the areas of Business Intelligence and Performance Management. He has 30 years of IT industry experience with 22 years in the Business Intelligence market. Dresner spent 13 years at Gartner, where he was a Research Fellow and Lead Analyst for BI. He also served as Chief Strategy Officer at Hyperion Solutions prior to forming Dresner Advisory Services. He publishes several landmark research studies each year: The Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study ® and The Mobile Business Intelligence Market Study. For more information, visit

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Vendor Scoring Based on Mobile Platform Support, Platform Integration and Numbers of Supported BI Features



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