Friday, December 2nd, 2011 is offering unique collections of rare or hard to locate mosaic and glass tiles, as well as needed tile supplies, at sale or discounted rate.

Australia has a wonderful online company that specializes in all kinds of rare and beautiful mosaic tiles. Owners Mardi and Eric Burns, along with their passion for arts and crafts, hope that the consumer will find things on their website that may excite the creative spirit with their extensive product line. Some of the tiles they carry are decorative ceramic tiles, mosaic glass tiles, mosaic mirror tiles, stained glass, glass shapes and glass gems. These products come from all over the world and the quality is first rate. We offer 100% money back guarantee on all product. If the consumer is not 100% satisfied, they will be able to return the item and get your money back, (international postage excluded). The company realizes the difficulty in knowing exactly what is purchased without touching or feeling the product. The company also guarantees the consumer that there is risk free shopping, wholesale prices and they provide the consumer’s privacy from other online spammers.

When searching through the website, the consumer will notice that there are lots of other interesting articles, forums and how tos for them to get involved with. The website is stocked full of interesting Project ideas, styles, galleries, photographs and customer testimonials. Noticing first the new product line, the website offers a full range of difficult to find tiles, and gems to make any project exciting. The website also offers the tools needed to create these beautiful projects. Researching the project, the company probably can supply most of the items needed.

Some examples of the products offered are as follows:

• Glass Cabochons. These are colorful glass tiles with convex rounded tops and flat bottoms.

• Ceramic letter and number tiles. Made of mosaic, these letters and numbers are contained on individual
sheets, making it easy to pop off and adorn photos, house plaques and even stepping stones.

• Decorator and colorful ceramic tiles in different shapes and sizes

• Clear glass tiles, used to make magnets or to insert into a pattern of colored tiles for an individual style or unique design.

• Decorator Embellishments of silver and antique gold

• Glass gems, pebbles and other shapes

• Marble mosaic tiles for the extravagantly decorated project

• Other products made of mosaic, glass and ceramic can be found on the website.

The website takes great pride in providing top notch quality products to make the consumer’s projects unique and of great quality. The company offers gift certificates for the consumer that is looking for that gift giving idea.

For more information on purchasing or learning about these mosaic or glass tiles or crafts made from mosaic or glass tiles, check out the website or email Mardi and Eric Burns [email protected]

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