Thursday, August 27th, 2009
A free mobile entertainment platform will give Adelaide commuters more reasons to take public transport.

The Podmo platform is part of i-Commute, a trial on Adelaide’s bus service funded by a consortium that includes Adam Internet, UniSA, MIMP, Cisco, WebShield and TransSpot.

Podmo aims to woo carbon-conscious commuters by making travel more entertaining.

With Podmo installed in a bus or train, commuters can use their phone or PDA to browse the web, download and play games, chat using instant messaging, and participate in a whole range of internet applications.

“Having all these applications available for free makes the ride more useful and a lot more fun,” says Podmo CEO Che Metcalfe, the Adelaide-based, Queensland born inventor of the world-first platform.

“We’re not just helping reduce the commuter’s carbon foot-print, we’re helping reduce traffic accidents and fines. A lot of people try to use their mobiles while driving - even texting and driving at the same time is not uncommon."

In its role as the i-Commute mobile platform partner, Podmo has provided a free-to-access mobile network for Adelaide buses.

Podmo's patent pending software turns each bus into a mini-community that becomes part of the Podmo community.

“Once connected to the network users can download all forms of content, browse pages, read the news and weather or communicate with each other via text or voice,” Che explains.

Commuters simply connect via either Bluetooth or WiFi to the network, meeting the technical requirements of more than 90% of the mobile phones on the market.

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Podmo is an interactive, user-friendly mobile platform supporting a range of community based and commercial applications. Users connect using a custom Podmo browser, which provides intuitive access to the full suite of Podmo content and services. Podmo operates independently of telecommunications carriers, using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies to allow users to connect free of charge, through dedicated hotspots. This innovation allows for the delivery of free services, which would otherwise be prohibitively expensive across a traditional mobile data connection.


Leila Henderson
P: 0414 69 70 71


A new Internet bus launched in Adelaide this week incorporates a free mobile platform for those who don't lug laptops. Call me on 0414 69 70 71 to arrange an interview with Che or other project members.



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