Monday, September 7th, 2009
Captell Developments has recently launched an audit service for IT infrastructure called “Captell Audit”. This cost-effective service is designed to reduce operating costs, maximise the return on IT infrastructure investment and improve service delivery.  The service is designed to help organisations with moderate or large IT infrastructure to gain a better understanding of the utilisation and business usefulness of that infrastructure.

In the current economic climate organisations of all sizes are struggling to manage budgets and cash flow. A major drain on these available resources is the operating cost of the IT infrastructure. Many organisations have vast arrays of underutilised equipment that can be either; decommissioned or consolidated. This results in immediate savings as well as reducing future capital expenditure.  The Captell audit identifies these resources and assists the organisation in developing a plan to put them to better use.

The organisation’s business, capacity and performance data is processed by the market leading Captell software package to produce audit reports of the organisation IT infrastructure. These reports:
·       identify all the server resources in use by the organisation;
·       reporting the utilisation of these resources;
·       estimate future server resource usage;
·       recommend consolidation and decommissioning of underutilised servers; and
·       make suggestions for cost saving process improvements.

The benefits to an organisation of commissioning a Captell Audit may include:
·       a better up-to-date understanding of what current IT infrastructure is and how it is being utilised;
·       a basic understanding of the near future requirements for infrastructure;
·       a potential reduction in costs associated with running infrastructure, including hardware costs; software licensing costs; and environmental costs such as power and cooling etc; and
·       improved procedures with a view to reusing existing IT infrastructure and reducing future costs.
Extensive trials of Captell Audit have proven the effectiveness of this service.

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Captell Developments Pty. Ltd.

Captell Developments Pty. Ltd. is Australia’s leading supplier of innovative capacity management reporting software. It was established in 2004 to focus on the development and commercialisation of their flagship product - Captell.

Captell automates data storage and report generation from information collected by proprietary monitoring packages.

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Captell's audit service is designed to maximise return on IT investment.


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