Thursday, December 1st, 2011
If you need concrete sealing work done to a chipped or damaged floor, or if you are looking to have the floors in your business to be polished concrete floors, hiring the right polishing, grinding, and sealing flooring company for the job will ensure you get the best looking floors, no matter what type of concrete or epoxy flooring you may have set in your business or home. These services are going to re surface and restore many types of flooring, to give a smoother and cleaner look, to flooring that has either been damaged or is too dirty after a certain amount of time.

When you need the best flooring work done in several areas of Australia, from Sydney or Brisbane to Tweed Heads, you will find that My Floor or My Polished Concrete companies, are going to be able to handle the job, and ensure the highest quality services are performed on your flooring. Both companies offer several years of experience in concrete flooring, and will offer the best high gloss concrete finishes on your flooring, and will ensure only the best quality services on damaged flooring, in order to give the business (or home) the look that will ensure your floors appear to be brand new. My Floor will also apply a 10 year warranty on the work that they do to your flooring, so that you can feel confident in knowing that the quality will not fade, and the floors will continue to look their best for the longest periods of time.

These companies are also going to offer diamond grinding and sealing to any type of natural stone floors, ensuring that they are going to look as clean as possible, and to ensure that no damage is noticed to the stone flooring. The types of flooring the company works on includes epoxy, travertine, sandstone, marble, as well as granite flooring, and will ensure the best finish when the work is done on the flooring. When choosing concrete polishing services the floors will first be treated and grinded to smooth it out, and the satin that will be used can either be a gloss or semi- gloss finish, resulting in the smoothest and most durable flooring.

Concrete grinding is another service offered. Using the best tools, the company will first grind the floor to level it, and treat the concrete surface by removing any former adhesives. This grinding will leave the flooring looking shiny, and smoother, and will give the highest quality look when a customer walks in to your store, or someone comes to your home. Concrete cleaning and sealing services are also offered, which will protect natural stone and concrete flooring. The sealing process is good for these types of floors, due to highly pourous flooring, and the sealer will coat the floor, and will not allow things to get in to the porous floors you have installed. A variety of sealers can be chosen depending on the stain that you are looking for, and prior to the sealer being applied, the company will do a deep cleaning of your floors, in order to ensure the highest quality.

Whatever services you need, when you want the highest quality work, either for cleaning and sealing, grinding, or polishing services, you will find that My Floor and My Polished Concrete companies, will be able to offer the highest quality work, and the best customer service that home owners and commercial customers are hoping to get. Not only that, they will guarantee the quality of their work, and offer the best prices on their services they offer.

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