Thursday, December 1st, 2011
MAGIC, menace and mayhem are being let loose at Playlovers in Floreat this December – but it’s all in the name of art.

A selection of the best fairytales by the Brothers Grimm are being brought to life as part of Grimm Tales, adapted for the stage by Carole Anne Duffy and directed by Amanda Crewes.

“The production is full of all the magic and wonder you find in your imagination with a little pinch of mischief thrown in,” Crewes said.

“I am fascinated in, what seems to be, the dying art of storytelling and I was attracted to this play because of the enchanted world of the Brothers Grimm.

“There’s a lot of deliciously gruesome fun as livers and lungs are salted, simmered and served for dinner; eyeballs are pecked out by disgruntled birds and toes and heels are cut off so feet can fit into shoes.

“Yet the fairytale heroes still manage to confront their enemies and triumph over fear and injustice.”

With many people isolating themselves with iPods, laptops, iPhones and other electronic devices nowadays, Crewes said Grimm Tales was a chance to escape from the cold technical world with stories to warm the soul.

“A professional German storyteller, Elfriede Kleinhan, noted ‘The age for hearing these fairytales is three years to death’,” she said.

“The stories of the Brothers Grimm don’t only speak to the young and, as a result, Grimm Tales is a production for all ages.

“They manage to cleverly balance magic with the right amount of gruesome, which means the stories come to life on stage like a dream.”

Performing from age eight, Crewes has been involved with Playlovers since she was 12 and went on to study at the WA Academy of Performing Arts.

Since then, she has worked professionally with Effie Crump, Class Act, Handzon, Agelink, Kompany M and Barking Gecko Theatres, Dirty Dicks Theatre Restaurant and the Perth Theatre Company.

As a drama teacher, Miss Crewes directed the highly-successful Noises Off at St Stephen’s School in 2010 and, due to its popularity, remounted it for another season at Playlovers in February this year.

Crewes said one of the most exciting elements of the production for her was seeing young actors transform into their characters on stage.

“It’s a great challenge for them, particularly given the vast number of characters they have to play in this show,” she said.

“I have desire to excite young children and adults through the magical world of the theatre and I believe this is the best play to achieve that.”

Grimm Tales plays at 8pm, December 9 and 10 and 7pm, December 11. Tickets are $15, $10 concession – book on 0415 777 173 or [email protected]

December 10 also includes the Plover Awards, Playlovers’ annual awards night, with musical entertainment designed and directed by Tyler Jones and a slightly abbreviated version of Grimm Tales.

Playlovers is located at Hackett Hall, Draper Street (off Underwood Avenue), Floreat. More information about Playlovers is at

grimm1: Cameron Taylor and Matthew Gray find horsing around is no fairytale in Grimm Tales with Emma Connor, Hayley Seddon, Shene Dorney, Patrice Axisa, Hayley Smith and Hayley Hatfield.

grimm2: Olivia Saunders, Patrice Axisa, Carissa Efford-Ragan and Cameron Taylor discover the stakes are high in Grimm Tales.

grimm3: Emma Connor, Matthew Gray, Shene Dorney, Olivia Saunders, Patrice Axisa, Duncan Scott and Hayley Hatfield are bringing fairytales of yesteryear to life in Grimm Tales.

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Playlovers has been in operation for more than 50 years in Western Australia. Generally performing from Hackett Hall, Draper Street, Floreat, the company puts on four to six seasons a year - including one to two musicals.

Members are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the club: on the creative side (performing, directing, etc), the more technical activities (lighting, backstage, set-building, costume-making, etc) or on the sidelines (serving teas and coffees, and generally helping with other front of house activities).
Amanda Crewes
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