Thursday, August 27th, 2009
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (August 26, 2009) In a generation of YouTube, iPod & Internet social media users the latest solutions are now available for the forward thinking tourist destination. Using GPS (Global Position System) technology, these slick handheld computers deliver compelling multimedia self-guided tour or adventure game experiences. With a combination of videos, animation & interactive challenges they help engage every visitor as they explore. Aimed at parks, zoos, city guides or any other high visitation tourist attraction, the GPS Ranger ® delivers the ultimate up-close and behind the scenes view.

Venues can now bring tourism to life and demonstrate or recreate the uniqueness of their attractions. Suitable for individuals or small groups the GPS Ranger ® is easy to use. Visitors simply rent a unit at the venue and are then free to explore at their own pace while they enjoy a personalized tour guide experience relevant to each specific location. According to Dallas Zoo Executive Director Gregg Hudson, “It’s like having a team of zookeepers taking you on a tour.”

Total flexibility allows tours or experiences to be created to suit any venue and visitor. Create tour versions that focus on architecture, history, geography, animals or people or just fun information for young children. With voice over capability it is also easy to make multi-language, captioned or even sign language versions of each tour.

Add the art of game play & interactive challenges to create a real-life adventure game around your venue. Finding clues and information to score points and solve puzzles makes this engaging way to explore a powerful learning tool. The Ranger Quest™ game concept has been successfully introduced by The International Spy Museum in Washington DC. The immersive game takes players out onto the streets of Washington as a secret agent on a high-stakes mission to uncover and foil a major terrorist attack.

The system works automatically by using GPS signals similar to the regular in-car navigation system. Each specific point of interest on the tour is set up as a trigger zone. These triggers then deliver the specific videos & media at the relevant time to that location. Interactive maps and direction prompts keep visitors on track, while trivia questions, Fun Facts and an on-screen visitor’s guide to restaurants, attractions and shopping opportunities complete the self-paced tour experience. Unlike group tours, visitors can stop, shop, take pictures or explore off the tour path whenever they choose. Manual operation is also possible to re-play video and content or for indoor applications where a GPS signal is not available.

The physical hand held GPS Ranger ® video tour device weight only 300g. It has a 10cm * 5cm touch sensitive screen & built in stereo speakers or headphone socket. Built to be rugged, water resistant and durable with a robust rubber shell it is designed for high-volume usage. With different mounting options it is suitable for walking, driving, cycling or any way your visitors explore. Battery options can support either a 3 or 7 hour tour or an in-car charger is used for driving tours.

Using technology for entertainment is nothing new. However, adding location relevant education, promotion & advertising that compliment an engaging and interactive visitor experience we have built a practical tool for the modern world. Keeping things fresh & up-to-date is also easy. Changes can be made daily simply by replacing any of the mini-movies, photographs or audio segments with new files.

Developed and designed by BarZ Adventures in the USA, the leading provider of hand-held GPS visitor guiding systems, the GPS Ranger utilizes innovative GPS technology to enhance the visitor experience and take it to the next level of interactivity. GPS Ranger tours are currently available in over 30 tourist destinations across the U.S and Canada including numerous City Guides, Zoos, Parks, Museums & college campuses. This technology is now available in Australia & New Zealand through GPS Adventure Guides Ltd Pty as an authorized reseller of the system.

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GPS Adventure Guides is a Sydney based company that creates & supports computer based interactive experiences. Combining experts in content development & technology systems its products are aimed at tourist venues, attractions & destinations. Also focusing in the development & deployment of interactive educational tools & adventure games.
An authorized reseller of BarZ Adventures technology from the USA these products include, but are not limited to, the GPS Ranger®, the Zoo Ranger® and Ranger Quest ™. This technology is currently deployed in over 30 destinations across the US & Canada including numerous City Guides, Zoos, Parks, Museums & college campuses. For more information, visit our web site at or call +61 403 850 805.
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New technology to enhance visitor engagement, education & enjoyment. Hand held mobile GPS devices automatically deliver interactive video content. Tried & tested in over 30 zoos, parks & city guides in US & Canada now available to Australia & NZ.


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